A mercenary, a galactic traveller, a survivor: Earl Dumarest is tired and wants to go home. But in a decadent universe where life is cheap and starflight precious. Dumarest of Terra (The Dumarest Saga in the UK) is a series of 33 science-fiction novels written by Edwin Charles Tubb between and They are the. This second review discusses Dumarest of Terra, currently a book series about a man searching for his home–a planet called Earth.

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There’s a problem loading this menu right now. I’m glad I finally started this series. Science fiction book series. And because I was on expensive dial-up I never did much surfing on line because of expense.

One person found this helpful. Dumarest has traveled so long and so far that he does not know how to return to his home planet and no-one has ever heard of it, other than as a myth or legend The cult collection, which spanned 33 books written across more than 40 years, was translated into seven languages. Imagine my delight to realise I can easily read the whole series of about 33 books finally! Finding the right writer to write more novels is the biggest hurdle.

If you had your own site for him, you could post regular updates and information would be far easier to find.

When the book begins, he is presented as simply a Traveler, one who takes passage between worlds to random destinations, merely to see new places and get new experiences. It becomes clear that someone or something has deliberately concealed Earth’s location. For a much lower fee some passengers agree to be put in a suspended “frozen” state called “slow”.


The Winds of Gath (Dumarest of Terra #1) by E.C. Tubb

Fast forward few years and then I find out about the novel around The writing is way too formulaic. It was reported that author Tubb died in October I followed tegra series faithfully until they stopped comong out in He could see the shimmer of morning sunlight on the broad Wander River as it slithered through marshland before dumarsst off a cliff edge into the vastness of Twisted Valley. The Cyclan are a widespread organization dedicated to bringing order to the galaxy by means of pure logic.

This one is a tough one.

Please help improve tefra or discuss these issues on the talk page. The galaxy is big and run by tyrants, despots and the rich who travel to remote planets for diversion. Explore the Home Gift Guide.

The Winds of Gath

Trera ‘acts of compassion” by Earl is laced throughout the novels. Tubb’s universe consist of hundreds thousands? At the time of the famous ot, a geological formation in the mountains causes the wind to produce sounds which register on the human brain as the voices of the dead. A magnificent start to a magnificent series.

The book series charts the adventures of protagonist Earl Dumarest, who spends his life searching for clues to the location of dumarsst home world, Earth. I am very sorry to hear about your surgery. Wishing anyone knew where it was that is. It was a carmine dawn that formed a backdrop to long striated clouds when Conos rolled out of bed and dressed quickly, his breath pluming away. Dumarest gets himself unwillingly involved in the politics between the Matriarch and a sadistic spoiled prince of another planetary dynasty, just as everyone is joining the journey to the mountains to experience the dumares of the storm.


And Benford does well. I hope you mend quickly and derive every possible benefit from it.

He has used 58 pen names over five decades of writing although some of these were publishers’ house names also used by other writers: His wife and two daughters remained buried under their thick wool blankets in the sprawling wooden trading post that was their home. These if novels were published over the period I also have to say I agree there was an element of formula, I mean how old was the character after all those adventures?

This is a classic old school science fiction. It was this sort of world that produced Dumarest and made him the magnificent character that he was. Now that Earth has been reached I think it would be very difficult for another writer to continue the series with the added complication of changing the whole direction of the concept.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Honestly, without the Internet it would have been more than a challenge it would of been impossible.