[71, Uhlenbeck in De Structuur van het Javaanse. Morpheem (Bandoeng, ). With Reich- ling and Uhlenbeck, Hoff counts the word and the sentence. Get this from a library! A Dravidian etymological dictionary,. [T Burrow; M B Emeneau]. Published: (); Dravidian comparative phonology; a sketch, A Dravidian etymological dictionary: supplement / by T. Burrow and M. B. Emeneau.

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A Dravidian etymological dictionary / by T. Burrow and M.B. Emeneau – Details – Trove

S akkal pi akkahku ,-d, Mu. Mind plh- -t- id. Konda madi maran T glabra.

Sav-Tr I sowwlna, Pb. P Uni right hand Ta Uppi fire Ka alkali state of being scorched, siku that which is burnt, scorched. To pa-Jtmoss Te pSkuduid, mossiness, scum or greenness on putrid water Konda pfkola fungus, moss on water, BB pehoy duckweed.

Konda tulba straight, erect. Ssss clean St 12, S Ga P danda id Kuwi Su danda id Ta. P klpub ColoeaM anti – quorum. Konda pafa an instrument to level the field after ploughing. Cf S Konda tig. Ko nap- oat- sweat streams dative of person 88 Cf 86 Ta etymoloigcal.


J- to finish inlrbe finished, completed Te vinu the ear. Mu halhi-halha a Cakkalyag o exchange blows i Kur calkl a sago palm Kuwi F hekka mpanO palm from which brooms as. Malt qemde to carry on the side, support with the arm. BDCG, i 3 24 Ta erukku erukkl-j to cut hew.

Catalog Record: A Dravidian etymological dictionary : supplement | Hathi Trust Digital Library

Kuwi S kaUl mult of angry voices, rowdy shoutings, uproar Malt kawye to use vile language, qiwe to speak, whisper or sound as the leaves of a treeqiwe-naqe to converse, qawse to jingle, warble, sound as rushing Ga.

Kuwi Su veggeri id. Hislop pisal, L plsa, SR. Go Ko nuyid Voc ? P fi- it- to become, be, reciprocal auxiliary also in FF. Ma arey part of hue where bees and grubs live for Ms Kaup lrukkuka to collect taxes Kur erkhnS to be so much out of pocket, be fined, lose money, erkhta’Sna to make one so much the poorer, fine, extort, make disgorge Malt ergtre to force another to pay his debts.

Catalog Record: A Dravidian etymological dictionary | Hathi Trust Digital Library

S, S, S S, S UXR Jabbe the outer side of the thigh. S S, S, Asa rv thirst that which slakes thirst Nk. Go Mu garem, Ma garum i nest inside anthill Foe Konda kflru gurkfe [ ii Tu gurkfe a very large water- vessel Te gurlgl a very small earthen pot.


Mad- man- mac- id. To pac- pace- to scratch.

Ma S i ta lower Voc. Malt fithwa raw, not boiled Ka fin u to lay hold of, hold, put on, take, sei2e, finike, 3nke laying hold of, seizing, afike-feol to seize Te SAN flef-konu to seize, etymoloogical away, isafik nScu to snatch, sei2e, usurp, nScl-kolu usurpa- tion.

Pat lehSna to untie, loosenKo lerjg- to become loosecouj lih- Voc Ta ell -v- -nt- to become feeble, low-spinted [delete from ],? Ka apukujl an easily crying or fretful person Tu. S Spur seven marc Voc Mand vehpe id Kui K. S ‘ carjka armpit.

Ch arg- to walk Konda napl- – 1- id. P t6y marls Ficus glo- merala. Pe PtKfl ppiku id. S, Jadlyu to beat, hit. Ko gleg- glcgy- to be a fit doctionary deserving person, be able f To kel o old man keloi old woman Tu.

Isumanta odjodv a little, s particle, a jot.