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It concludes with a few modest suggestions for ensuring a new convention or standard has teeth – Key words: This contribution focuses on the rise and fall of the “Commission Adriaenssens”. Voorhoof Dirk, Gutwirth Serge Activism is not a crime. Law, science, legal science, bibliometry. In this article the authors explore the obstacles against articulating the current applicable law and what is demanded by the life of the commons.

Bescherming intellectuele rechten mag niet ten koste van privacy – Key words: This edition of the conference had An dostojfvski of choice as title, and the editors decided to keep it as the title of the book, because the notion of “choice” expresses the wish to individual and societal control and channel evolutions and change in a direction that matches our both individual and collective projects and dreams.

The two intercepted a box of whale meat, embezzled from the taxpayer-funded whaling programme, and handed it in to the public prosecutor as proof of the illegal trade. Ponizeni i uvredjeni by Dostojevski, Fjodor Mihajlovic Condition: Beyond their place in the EU legal order, their respective object or scope, this chapter will contend that these two human rights increasingly turn to the same mode of operation, including, inter alia, reliance upon administrative structures and procedures, or the endowment of citizens with a bundle of individual rights.

This book will serve as an insightful resource for readers with an interest in computers, privacy, and data protection. They were held for 26 days – 23 of which were without charge – before being charged with trespass and theft, and put on trial by a justice system that refuses to investigate the whale meat embezzlement. Finally, and more generally, many migrants, including those living and working in a regular manner, experience marginalization or discrimination.

Panopticon 1 33 1: Yet, how exactly to successfully work in that direction is a matter of future collective experiments. Full text Sinds enkele jaren heeft het concept menselijke waardigheid een angstaanjagend succes gehad als ultieme dooddoener in debatten. De vijf ondertekenaars zijn allen hoogleraar rechten Wat?


In Wetteren vernielden vorig weekend activisten van Field Liberation Movement FLM een gedeelte van een proefveld met genetisch gemodificeerde aardappelen ggo’s. Zo’n voorstel is zelfs de biecht onwaardig. The paper describes some different, but closely related scenario construction-deconstruction methodologies, which formed the basis for the methodology adopted in the European Commission-funded PRESCIENT project.

On the other hand much can be learned from the creative and constructive way in which restorative writers have been approaching sanctions, which they mistakenly do not call punishments.

Why the future of European border management is a problem. However, there is an increasing and disturbing trend to answer civil disobedience and peaceful protest with criminal prosecution, and using harsh, disproportionate punishments as a means of stifling dissent, and restricting freedom of expression.

Legal conceptualisations of privacy and data protection. Als de rechter haar later schuldig bevindt, zal zij daarvan de consequenties dragen. It also reviews the conceptualisations of personal data protection as present in the literature, and finally contrasts all these perspectives with the construal of the right by the EU Court of Justice. Readers may trace both technological and legal evolution as chapters examine current developments in ICT such as cloud computing and the Internet of Things.

Discussions on social networking sites, children on the Internet and body scans at airports confirm the urgent need for dialogue on these issues. Security and privacy are typically regarded as polymorphic notions. Be sure to check out our cook books and food section of our rare book room.

In this light, PIA is also an instrument of risk governance that should be understood and implemented within the framework of the precautionary principle.

On the contrary, the history of the last 40 years shows the reverse. It is not about the legal acceptability of security measures, but rather about their legal- ity. Patents; access to medecines; WTO.

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Het belang van een evenwichtige privacypolitiek. Wanneer in het Midden-Oosten of China mensen in opstand dostkjevski tegen de overheid, juichen we het toe. We zullen de relevantie van het gemaakte onderscheid illustreren aan de hand van analyses enerzijds van de wijze waarop deze twee grondrechten zich verhouden met andere legitieme belangen zoals veiligheiden van hun respectievelijke ontmoetingen met steeds nieuwe ontwikkelingen op het vlak van ICT anderzijds. Jullie zeggen dat er in dat aardappelveld aan “fundamentele wetenschap” wordt gedaan.


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Gutwirth Serge Le contexte du droit ce sont ses sources formelles et les faits et moyens qui exigent son intervention. Als we die redenering doordenken, wordt het helemaal absurd. Van al die hier juist opgesomde heerschappen zijn tenslotte er ontelbaar meer dan vrouwen die boerka’s en nikabs dragen.

Vanuit juridisch oogpunt is “menselijke waardigheid” het resultaat van de mensenrechtelijke rechtspraak, eerder dan een transcendente morele waarde out there. We consider this analysis important in the light of the rise of the ‘penal state’ in Europe. Human rights in the web of governance: Finally, as legislation in the field of data protection is currently undergoing critical changes, the chapter passes under review the most important developments from the perspective of the impact on, and development of, smart surveillance.

Although a new book is typically free of any faults or defects, “new In het eerste geval wordt een bepaalde vorm van seksualiteitsbeleving strijdig dstojevski met de menselijke waardigheid, en dat wil zeggen, met die waarden waarvan de rechters mkadic dat ze aan de samenleving moeten opgelegd worden; in het tweede wordt een persoon veroordeeld, omdat de rechters vaststellen dat hij zich niet aan de afspraken heeft gehouden en dus de wilsvrijheid van het “slachtoffer” heeft verloochend.

Het ging ons niet over het verdedigen van de actie als dusdanig, wel om het aanklagen van een disproportionele, voorbarige en misplaatste reactie.

Managing Privacy through Accountability.

Privacy; Data Protection; proportionality. Anderzijds verdoezelt deze omschrijving de eerste rang rol van de schuldigverklaring als kenmerkend gebaar van het strafrecht. Serbian language, cirilica, 20 cm, Ruska knjizevnost, Prvi veliki roman u kome je Dostojevski poceo da istrazuje neke teme ili likove koje ce razvijati u svojim kasnijim djelima.