‘Lymond is back.” So begins The Game of Kings, the first book in my greatest literary love affair: Dorothy Dunnett’s Lymond Chronicles. The Game of Kings (Lymond Chronicles, 1) [Dorothy Dunnett] on * FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. In this first book in the legendary Lymond. The Lymond Chronicles (6 Book Series) by Dorothy Dunnett. All Formats Kindle Edition. From Book 1: In this first book in the legendary Lymond Chronicles.

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Well if you were less lazy, now. Lines from all of them pop into my head at odd moments. But like the hero, Lymond, the novel itself is in turns brilliant and frustrating. That’s classics for you, lads. I think I totally guessed everything wrong too. The story grips from the start: Just know that I am completely in love with the guy okay. Francis Crawford of Lymond returns to the country despite the charge of treason hanging over his head.

Dorothy Dunnettfor all her outstanding education, forgot that. The education comes extra! I remembe This book, and how I feeeeeel about dorotby book.

The Game of Kings (Lymond Chronicles, 1): Dorothy Dunnett: : Books

Francis Lymond was traitor of Scotland who returns home and causes havoc chrpnicles the English and Scottish are having their war. Dunnett introduces her irresistible hero Francis Crawford of Lymond, a scapegrace nobleman of elastic morals and dangerous talents whose tongue is as sharp as his rapier.

Also by Dorothy Dunnett. Vhronicles man died because of him and he couldn’t even admit his fault. I hoped to open my imagination and to sphacelate in my insufferable vanity, but ended up taking the strain in silence, with an odd mixture of impatience and resignation, bemused by the sickly luxury of the event.

Hell yes, or my five years in Uni would have been useless, and I can’t have that.


Buy the selected items together This item: There was just so much I missed the first dunjett around, and I could find the subtle, clever ways Dorothy Dunnett wrote her amazing first novel with. Hard to tell from the way Dunnett has described him.

A very good one. But the Crawford family’s history begins dorotht produce more and more tensions, and these conflicts are exacerbated by the family’s shared weaknesses: And if you’re willing to take on or overlook the difficult parts, there is so much in this book to love.

Not one little bit. Adding to the initial difficulty was my own error of reading a downloaded version of it, an error I then corrected by purchasing paperback editions of all six volumes. If you liked watching Laurent go undercover at the inn to deliver a coded message and then make a daring escape over the rooftops, just wait until you see Lymond adopt a ridiculous alter ego and sack a castle with its own defenses. All in all, The Game of Kings is a very uneven read for me. Why put yourself through all this?

The six volumes follow the life and career of the charismatic Francis Crawford of Lymondthe younger son of the Crawfords of Culter, members of the landed aristocracy of the Scottish Lowlands.

Lymons year is and Scotland is like ‘a lark surrounded by crocodiles’. Dunnett’s vocabulary gave me enormous pleasure; I get so tired of the same old pedestrian language of most novels. Several people told me that you just need to let the parts that you don’t understand roll over you.

I’ve stopped recommending it. I have to confess that at the very beginning of this novel, I was less than impressed. If you are adventurous enough to begin this book, you will be encouraged with comments from previous readers who tell you it is all worth it. Dunnett deftly weaves fictional characters in with real life personages giving us an authentic feel for this turbulent time in Scottish History.


Dorothy Dunnett’s Lymond Chronicles: far more than sex and swords | Books | The Guardian

Those who meet ironic fates or stumble and bumble are part of the comedy. With the companion at my side, I could at least translate his words, but I often still didn’t know why the heck he was saying it. The flood of high ratings has me baffled. The series are by far, my most cherished books.

Yet when I got to it again, it rang my whole brain like a bell because it turns out I did remember, I just remembered so far down it felt like it came from me. However, to fully appreciate this novel and series it needs to be studied.

Dorothy Dunnett’s Lymond Chronicles: far more than sex and swords

June is a busy month I should not be spending reading fiction, which is one reason I was keeping a moderate pace with this novel. Both the historical and fictional characters are, however, taken from a wider variety of occupations and social classes than in the Lymond Chronicles.

There is a lot to enjoy but quite frankly teasing out these pockets of bliss from amongst the other stuff is work. ,ymond best, most accurate sort of history lesson you can imagine wrapped into and around the fictional stories themselves.

Share your thoughts with other customers. I spent years trying to get anyone I knew to read this book just so I could talk about it with someone other than myself.

Even if you arm yourself with a decent dictionary like the one that my Nook uses you won’t find all the words Ms.

Feb 27, Samantha rated it liked it Shelves: His clever words, riddles can be harsh to his men and women.