Get this from a library! Diversion planning: or how to navigate around the world using just a stopwatch and a pencil!. [Martyn Smith]. [Archive] PPL Diversions Private Flying. Alternatively, buy a copy of Diversion Planning by Martyn Smith for £ It solved everything for me. Diversion Planning or how to Navigate around the World using just a stopwatch and pencil. Smith, Martyn. Published by Published by the author, Price.

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But I get the impression that these things are a lot more anal in the UK Not really, the examiner wants to know you can divert OK and give a rough estimate on time – does not matter if it is a bit out as long as you adjust it, so if you have worked thumb lengths as 6 mins and they fly as 5 then adjust your eta accordingly and you should be OK, a lot of people do make it harder than it needs to be though.: Pathetic; the examiner expects you to plan a diversion with head down, doing the maths etc etc.

Environment Our vision Responsible Business Report Or you could use the GPS, if you’ve bothered to switch it on. Please maintain a good lookout, as Gertrude sensibly recommended. Mon Aug 29, NATS maintained excellent safety and service standards with solid financial performance.

There’s a glider pilot in Coroner’s court in Oxford this week giving evidence; he was able to parachute to safety when hit from behind Most people I’ve talked to, say that the French coast was visible from the English side at altitude. Drifted too far East. As for diversions – yep, read the book.

That’s all you need to know. I also had a small piece of paper with pre-defined GS and distances marked on it e.

Diversion Planning by Martyn Smith

Tried to fly to Kemble from Goodwood,Wx not quite as forecast, cloud palnning lower and lower, got Brize weather and terrible so decided toideal would have been follow the M4, then down A34 but cloud was too low along M4 so needed a proper – this also showed up another problem with your Step two once you have turned around, ask for help on the radio! The problem is, when you are teaching someone with relatively little spatial awareness and a brain full of assimilating other things as well, like flying the aeroplaneyou have to give martun a baseline to work from.


Keep looking out and going back to your calculations. Assuming it is just an isolated area of bad weather than pick a nice obvious point to one side or the other, head for that and then when overhead turn back the same number of degrees and adjust track as required based on what you see ground to map and the GPS track guidance.

Getting any sort of “feel” or instinct for navigation, for me, did not come from the use of GPS, but from studying the effect of the wind on an aircraft’s progress over the ground. Monitor your progress as usual and update ETA and headings if they appear to be different in reality.

GPS, as mentioned, is even easier.

Have you got what it takes to divereion a controller? Users browsing this forum: I flew Ipswich-Southend-Norwich-Ipswich with my instructor.

None were a big deal nav wise, just pointed approximately at the destination airport using the Mk 1 eyeball.

By continuing to use our site, you’re agreeing to our use of cookies. First was lowering cloud, turned round, told the MATZ controller what I was doing, went back home My mistake was not giving sufficient briefing to my passenger, who spent the return trip worrying about what would happen if we couldn’t get back in where we’d taken off – the weather was coming from the north and this was an eastward flight with a return to the west.

Agree that there are some that have you with head down too much, and for those with GPS – not all of us have one and, IMHO, even if you use one you should still know the basic techniques. I guess we shall see. No passengers that time – I don’t think they’d have liked it! The diversion calculation was eventually spot-on but we could’ve been killed a few times over in the meantime.

Primarily for general aviation discussion, but other aviation topics are also welcome. The emphasis is on the gadgets rather than the mark one eyeball. An interesting way of regaining track from Andrew, and I can see its relevance for fast jets at low level and even for a GA plane trying to maintain ground track in poor visibility at low level, perhaps due to a lowering cloud base. I do wonder whether there should be a “London or Scottish centre” in there as there is for the sample RT for the practice PAN just above.


Keep me logged in Hide session.

How many of you Pprunes read about the fancy Cirrus with all the bells, whistles, navaids, gadgets, buttons etc which running into a few clouds not far from Shenington Gliding Club last year, spent a few minutes programming into his computer a turn to go back to Turweston At the end of the day, they have to satisfy their instructors and use a tested method in order to acquire experience whilst remaining safe.

The closer we got the more forlorn the hope of landing at Baltimore, as smitn RVR was deteriorating I then assimilate that into my subsequent legs, all plannijg while ensuring that I combine “feel” with pilotage with the base information on my plog.

A got me out of it through a gap in the increasing cloud behind me, with reassurance from the nice man at Luton Radar who didn’t get very upset when I bust his airspace for a few seconds by going over one mwrtyn cloud I should have gone under.

Practical Navigation by Martyn Smith

Consult the wind-star again for the groundspeed. Please respect our commenting policy and guidelines when posting on this website.

Flew out the following morning. In practice it is better to return to track as soon as possible, but only if a simple method for correcting the timing error can also be ahieved.

Diversion Planning by Martyn Smith – Navigation – Pilot Warehouse

Author Post time Subject. I’ve done two xiversion as diversions. No need for any studying or brainwork of any kind. When lost dial up Sun Jun 19, Only thing that worries me is that if your pilotage was bad enough to go off track in the first place, how will you know when you are on track again?