The compact DISOMAT® Tersus weighing terminal is ideal for use in a wide range of weighing applications, regardless of whether you’re focusing on operating. DISOMAT® Tersus to control a crane DISOMAT® Tersus panel-mounting unit in field housing DISOMAT® Tersus Crane Scale, see Manual BV-HAA. A Schenck model DISOMAT Tersus (VTG ) digital indicator as shown in between weighing ranges may be automatic or manual.

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The PC board is equipped with two bus connectors. When replacing exchangeable fuses, always use the genuine types with same rated current.

ATEX Zone 1 7. In case of verification, bond stamp onto housing seam. Local Box VVG System checks to see if the data to be overwritten have the predefined minimum age. For further reading For further information, please refer to the documents below.

ATEX Zone 1 Secondary Displays This page has been left empty intentionally. B01 mmor V Base Unit Figure 4: When using devices tested with low impact energy, ensure that inspection window is located in a protected environment.

Parameters incorrectly set may cause injuries or damage to the machine whenever a user control system is connected. CET Service specialists are available to you in every department during our normal office hours for analying problems and malfunctions.


Any use other than originally intended is considered inappropriate. Accessories for anti-vibration installation fixation on crane are optionally available. This means that the operation from the PC keyboard is exactly the same as on the device direct. RS, baud, 8 bits, no parity, 1 stop bit. Schedule an appointment with us whenever you need it.

In the case of load cell supply, this value depends on the total impedance and thus on the number of load cells. Further information about the cookies used. In addition, the load cells signals can be recorded individually. Perform parameterization and calibration as described dsomat the Operating manual. Remount clamping nut and tighten.

Maintain jumper position on all other devices. To do so, set jumper W on device to position The optional memory xisomat provided by the USB stick makes the device ideal for even more extensive applications.

With baud rates below 12Mbaud, the number of bus stations is limited only through required cycle time and address. The measuring system can be part of a more complex plant. Kanual ensure optimal EMC resistance, we recommend to use the cables indicated for the single fieldbuses.


For details, see Operating Manual, Item 5. This type is a variant of stainless steel unit VKG adjusted to explosion protection requirements.


We suggest to replace memory module. Installing Storage Module To insert module in position XE1, push it into the disomt with arrow down inclined edge to the lower left. The use of a bus termination as shown below offers a reliable remedy. For data technical information, please Manual BV-H Before performing work on the electrical equipment, disconnect the power supply.

Interfaces The following interfaces are available: For safety hints, see Technical Data.


Input voltage 85 – VAC. In operation with two measuring channels: Fieldbus Interfaces Connectors 5. The module is organized as ring buffer, i.

Provide panel cut-outs of x The modules are not protected from removal. When used in dust explosive atmospheres, the type of protection is essential for the compliance with the explosion protection requirements.