On 1 November , Gerard Reve published what was to become one of the classics of Dutch literature. Set during the last ten dark days of , the story. Buy De Avonden by Gerard Reve (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible orders. The Evenings, by Gerard Reve, translated from the Dutch, De Avonden, by Sam Garrett, published by Pushkin Press, London, Jan. 31

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Frits looked at the clock. Er zit geen plot in dit boek, geen ontwikkeling, en juist daardoor heeft het die benauwende werking.

Liefdevol thuis verzorgd door Schafthuizen zo lang het nog kon, verbleef Reve de laatste anderhalf jaar van zijn leven in een verzorgingstehuis in de buurt van zijn huis, waar Schafthuizen hem iedere dag bezocht.

The shiver of pathos. Then you absolutely have to wash them, otherwise the smell is unbearable.

The Evenings

A bit too ’47 for my tastes, but certainly worth an afternoon of your reading pleasure. Er zijn nog genoeg jongeren die de twintig al gepasseerd zijn en nog steeds bij hun ouders wonen, terwijl zij een afstompende, eentonige baan hebben of een studie volgen die maar weinig toekomstperspectief biedt. We get only the occasional glance like rege into his psyche via his waking activities, but each chapter also ends with an account of his dreams, mostly deeply troubled and which would provide rich territory for a Freudian.

See them in their need. Even when he has nothing to say, he comically forces the conversation. Return to Book Page.

One of the features of Dutch is that it uses diminutive forms of words, as a way of expressing intimacy or familiarity — or superiority.

For a post-war literary classic, however, it is notable that the War itself is barely mentioned.

The excitement for the end of the great war, future prospects of young men, recurring sentiment of hope and expectation is all absent from this book. Hij wordt geplaagd door onrust en lijkt wel sociaal gehandicapt.


Or set the house on fire. His dreams get more vivid than his actual life or his surroundings, which are uniformly post-war drab, grey, uneventful, and poverty-stricken.

Furman Kenney People Like M’self 26, See my full review at The Bookbag. Legendary debut novel that saw its international breakthrough 70 years after its original release. This is just two years on from the Hongerwinter that led to 20, people starving in the occupied parts of the Netherlands.

Then he wakes and acts as if nothing has happened. It seems to be all the rage. Het werkelijk geniale aan ‘de Avonden’ z ‘De avonden’ van Gerard Reve is misschien mijn favoriete Nederlandstalige boek tot nu toe. Wel maakte hij in die tijd zowel zijn ontwikkeling naar het rooms-katholicisme als naar een openlijke beleving van zijn homoseksualiteit door.

Hij wordt geplaagd door onrust en lijkt wel sociaal g De Avonden is een oerklassieker van de Nederlandse letteren.

Why did Gerard Reve write this novel in the first place? Schrijvers en vertalers Boeken.

De avonden. Een winterverhaal

Everlasting Lord, I know that it has not gone unseen. The novel geragd 10 evenings in the life of the narrator, Frits van Egters. The Evenings was published in and is often prescribed as reading material for Dutch high school students. Soms grenzen zijn verhalen aan sadisme – iets dat we kennen uit het werk van Reve.

| The Evenings, Gerard Reve | | Boeken

It is well known in the Netherlands for its sardonic humour. Reve isn’t the kind of novelist to give you a straightforward answer but the journey is quite a ride The Times Dark masterpiece The grave yawns, time zooms, and salvation is nowhere to be dw. The story is spectacularly boring, almost nothing happens xvonden this respect it reminded me of Knausgaard’s epic struggle. He delights in reminding his brother, who is only a couple of years older, that his hairline is already receding.

There is no clear evidence of this in the novel, which begs the question as to why Fritz goes on a tirade against women? CS1 Dutch-language sources nl Pages to import images to Wikidata. The relationship between Frits and his parents is, at least for avoonden, one of irritation, at best, and, at worst, outright loathing.


This can’t be it, this must be some sort of a trend, in fact Reve is one of the three writers of a particular realism literary renewal movement, according to Wikipedia.

A masterful depiction of boredom – The Evenings by Gerard Reve – SEVEN CIRCUMSTANCES

The hilarity is all in the language, which by some miracle of translation flows directly into English, rattling with ecclesiastical echoes.

Hermans wordt hij gerekend tot De Grote Drie: Dat wij veel fortuinlijker dan Frits zijn op het gebied van entertainment dan Frits, is glashelder. We don’t have any information about how he spent the war years but we do know that, instead of picking up his studies where he’d been forced to suspend them and looking for a new way of life, he is living Review copy courtesy of Pushkin Press and NetGalley, many thanks.

Artikel over onder andere dit boek: He seems to have no romantic attachments; indeed, he shows virtually no interest in such matters and does very little during the ten days of the novel, except go to a few low-key parties, meet a few friends, get drunk once gerarx talk to his parents.

Ze zijn het kennelijk wel van hem gewend. Hij kijkt, als een spion in een donkere kamer, naar het leven dat zich voor zijn ogen voltrekt. The full title of the book was De avonden: Next Post Next Oum Suphany: The young man also frequently examines himself, at rdve stage checking his genitals with a shaving mirror and finding it all ‘very distasteful. Communication is shown to be banal, needlessly offensive Frits constantly suggests his male friends are going baldbut strangely addictive.

Reve beschrijft het alledaagse op zo’n manier dat het interessant is en met een beetje goede wil zijn de perikelen zelfs vermakelijk.