David’s Story has ratings and 19 reviews. Melissa said: I read this book for a class, and I can say it’s definitely not an easy read. However, as I b. David’s Story (Women Writing Africa) [ZoĆ« Wicomb, Dorothy Driver] on Amazon. com. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The publication of You Can’t. As richly imagined and stylistically innovative as Wicomb’s debut work,David’s Story is a mesmerizing novel, multilayered and multivoiced, at times elegiac, wry, .

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It’s complex, interesting, I guess, but I’m not going to search out anything else by this author. Her first novel David’s Story has received much critical sttory although Wicomb is rather wary of the praise.

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Yevgeniya rated it really liked it Dec 28, The narrator wants her words but will never have them because both Dulcie and David are trying to protect each other. Anna Pingel rated it liked it Sep 16, Even after she decides not to become fully realized by articulating her ideas and thoughts because her audience is not yet ready.

Dulcie, a member of a guerilla unit, must sacrifice both her voice and her sexuality in order to be part of a liberation movement. An Introduction, Cape Town: David Philip and London: Remember me on this computer.

David’s Story

The afterword by Dorothy Driver sicomb really useful in understanding this novel, although I’d rather would’ve liked to read it before I started reading. Instead Dulcie remains just out of reach just beyond our grasp and comprehension.

Will I ever be heard above the rude buzz of the bluebottles?


The seemingly aporetic question which her novel poses is: He is simultaneously working with a biographer who he hopes may better articulate his life. According to Davjd blacks, in the European view of humankind presented by the great chain of being, occupied an antithetical position to whites on the scale of humanity in all respects, including sexuality and beauty.

She is also so importantly feminine fighting alongside misogynistic men. Nov 15, Y. Rex Collings,p.

Dulcie is ultimately proud of not what she has accomplished nor the influence she acquires but her own identity. The idea of the blood as the locus of life and identity is as old as our civiliz- ation.

Likewise David has a similar identity crisis. In other words, the novel contends that, in part at least, the symbolic differentiation of the female body provided the ideological foundation for the imperial adventure in Africa.

Mohnblumen auf Schwarzem Filz: But that was at a time where I had a much deeper affection for experimental, postmodern fiction and I realised reading this novel that I no longer crave that daviv of disjointed narrative.

sgory In renouncing any claim to the body of the black woman, by indicating that the body cannot be contained by a sign, Wicomb seeks rather to interrupt the opposition which founds the poetics of blood within colonial discourse, namely the opposition between the concupiscence of eicomb black woman and the pudency of the white woman.

She has masculine traits but can not be defined as masculine, nor is she asexual as she desires David. The military hierarchy is problematic as it does not allow an equal ability for all to speak. Since the poetics of blood inscribes a history Downloaded from http: She is never fully articulated in the novel, but her importance in David’s life and to the movement is incalculable.


Project MUSE – David’s Story

It is for this reason that Wicomb implies that Eduard la Fleur, a. She was not able to care for someone for reasons separate from the cause and not allowed to davkd a woman. Nov 24, Mirte rated it it was ok. Mar 24, Franki rated it it was ok. It quickly becomes corrupt, but provides hope that their is certainly the potential for speech if the oppressed is assured that their speech will be heard by an audience willing to listen.

David’s Story – Zoe Wicomb – Google Books

Lawrence and Wishart,pp. Dulcie is perhaps the strongest and most self assured character wicoomb the novel, but must compromise her own identity in order to exhibit her strengths through the movement.

This story is mostly told from the viewpoint of an unnamed narrator who is interviewing David, an MK soldier, who feels the need to record his life and family history. Be the first to discover new talent! USOM rated it really liked it Jul 04, The elusiveness of Dulcie shows the problems of the non-dominant voice, and that representation at times is wholly inadequate to articulate everything important to the individual especially for the women involved in the movement.