Mit Rose Madder, im deutschen Raum unter dem Namen Das Bild erschienen, konnte Palomar Pictures heute die neueste Adaption eines King. Das Bild. Rose Madder, 4 Cassetten by Stephen King, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide. The Paperback of the Das Bild Rose Madder (Rose Madder) by Stephen King at Barnes & Noble. FREE Shipping on $25 or more!.

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I’m not a huge fan of the whole molested-people-turn-into-monsters storyline.

I loved the writing. It would be so much better with a deeper voiced male actor doing those scenes, something compatible with the bad guy music.

Rose Madder: Stephen King: : Books

King would explore escaping into an alternate, mythic world to better effect in Lisey’s Story. His name was Bill. Recommended to absolutely no one; a terrible novel. This is a brutal, hard-edged tale of spousal abuse, escape, and recovery. Reading about them is no fun, and it’s probably not good for you to read a book being seriously angry all the time. What makes both so interesting is that they are also complex. Bilc was the most disappointing end to any story I have ever read.

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Any of you that read my Decade with King posts will know that I believe all of King’s books tie into one of three things: When she comes across an old oil painting in a pawn shop she feels drawn to purchase it. Better than the last time I read it. Norman Daniels suffers from the former and the latter while having also been molested as a child. It was convincing and thoughtful. I just met crazy rivaling that of Annie Wilkes.


Rose Madder – Palomar Pictures kündigt Verfilmung des Stephen King Romans an – IMDb

I simultaniously loved and hated this book. The ending has a weird and bitter twist which fit well, even again that I didn’t full get it. Poor writing, poor characterisation, with ridiculous fantasy elements included.

Es una novela que engancha desde el principio. Oh, and Rose had better get the hell out of the paining while she can. There are a few tangential connections to Dark Tower, such as references to ka and the City of Lud. To ask other readers questions about Rose Madderplease sign up. To view it, click here. Thoughts on how great a movie this book would make? What started out as an abused wife’s escape from a demented and mentally sick husband, soon turned into something boringly-Halloween.

Da das ganze Geschehen etwas ins Surreale rutscht, fand ich es umso spannender zu sehen, was Stephen King daraus gemacht hat. Teetering on the brink of continued violence from then on, Rose Madder exercises scary self-control as she warns Rosie that she has to do certain things to be able to lead a happy life.

I kept expecting this dewey-eyed chick-lit cliche to turn into a hard core dose of reality, which is usually Kings specialty. Wife runs from her abusive husband who is now tracking her. Rosie’s heart of gold, love at first sight, commitment loving boyfriend. After such a long audiobook I just wanted it to be over already. It added a dimension. This dude is so over-the-top it’s unreal.

And the final third of the novel is the weakest for me. Novels such as ITDolores Claiborneand The Dead Zone are intricate, multi-layered masterstrokes; methinks King is too modest in rrose to his own creations. So, a few words on the ending.


Plus once the bad guy is taken care of towards the end the story should have quickly wrapped up. The paranormal idea was ok, but I probably would have liked the story just as well without it. There is a long dream-like scene in ros middle of the book. Recommended, but perhaps only for King completists. Unprepared, terrified and alone, after 14 long years of living in hell, Rose finally flees for her life knowing f. I really loved the part of the book where he descibes Rose’s relationship with her abusive husband, how she breaks away finally from that and then runs away from him across bilv country.

He bites, stabs, and punches her. Sure, there are some terrifying parts in it. One of the things that I love about King’s writing is how completely developed maddef characters are. Besides all the vitriolic, ugly, hateful thoughts that I would be fine without, I did not get this guy’s similes and references at all, at one point he refers to a character that he maddder not perceive as a threat at all to be “as dangerous as Bambi’s friend Thumper”. Rosie pictures herself carrying out some of the same kinds of cruel actions that Norman performed.

Underscoring this Christian take on Madderis the goddess being restrained by Dorcas see the New Testament.