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Everything is explained in the myth so we will follow it and all the legends connected to it in order to discover an incredible convergence of views that goes beyond space and time to demonstrate, once again, that myth lives inside of man because there is no present, past and future.

Posthumous mystifications As time has passed, the original idea of the Fish Ccorrado has been lost, but it still conveys some symbolic aspects.

At any rate, each of us carries these traces inside our DNA and although it may not be written in corradi book, they are always present inside us and emerge through our creativity, our wish to write a novel or make films and invent stories.

The myth of Oannes, the fish man Along the path back to our roots we encounter an anthropomorphic fish-shaped deity from the African and Babylonian civilisations, a myth which has obviously been recycled repeatedly to reach the present day.

Prometheus Books,pp. This seems to suggest that Shiva is not a God with Indo- Aryan roots, but whose roots must be found in the population of the Indus Valley, the Dravidian indigenous population or the tribal populations who lived in the subcontinent. Nestamah for the Jews.

Corrado Malanga – Gli Archetipi E Il T.C.T.D.F. – YouTube

Now we are ready to go back even archetlpi, in search of the Gods of the Indus Valley, or rather, the aliens described by the inhabitants of this planet over twelve thousand years ago. Just as modern history lessons teach us to start from the present and work back to the cave man, so must synthesis of organic products be carried out by starting with the final product and following the proper rules to work back to carbon, hydrogen and oxygen and so we implemented this new approach which demonstrates its ineffable functionality by proving once again, even when we start from different assumptions, that aliens are our Gods and demons, that they are responsible for severe mistakes during their evolutionary process and they committed the original sin: In fact, in the Vedas and Mxlanga, there are several texts which explicitly state the Hyperborean origin of the Tradition, and even indicate the main stages of its descent towards the South.

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And this is where the surprises start.

Water is the archetype of the mind: Poseidon Shiva, the Second Creator, Ed. Our aliens are always described as having some symbols on their chest or medallions that they wear around their necks, where the symbolic three is the predominant concept in the triangle shape. We crrado this as our inspiration as we sought to include Vishnu in our mosaic and alien bestiary. Jung used the myth as a means to understand dreams and he attempted to rationalize the archetypal meaning of modern life based on the idea that everything was already somehow written according to some very precise rules, the so-called archetypes.

First we find the amphibious races of Sauroids. Kalkin is connected to the myth of the horse, but archettipi also recalls the Jewish Apocalypse. This is located near the third eye and represents the power of Soma, the critical offering, to indicate that he has both the power of procreation corradoo destruction.

He has a waxing moon archetii his forehead, which represents the moon on the fifth day panchamia jewel that was made when the Ocean of Milk the Milky Way, Ed.

As the Supreme Principle of the universe, Brahma resides in the heart, the vital centre of man. The lion man Narasimha seems to believe the myth of the Orange alien, with vertical pupils and red mane. The feminine principle generates a woman, i.

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The PM is in need of these souls, as we previously saw, to introduce the soul parts of the PM itself into human containers.

Of course this is not written down because it depends on our consciousness, but this archetipu does not support the idea that the Earth will be destroyed once again and rebuilt as happened the previous five occasions.

There was a shining immortal maoanga before you, who will manifest into the bodies you moulded and overcome you, like clay pots that break. Eve was not the first woman of the Garden of Eden and Adam was not the first man, but rather they represent the feminine principle of soul and the masculine principle of spirit in this text.

In each of his four hands he holds: Therefore the first man, Adam Kadmon, or the first manifestation and incarnation of Vishnu, can only be a fish man. During the cataclysm which separated this Maha-Yuga from the previous one, the Veda were concealed in a state of envelopment in the conch shell shankhawhich is one of the chief attributes of Malanya.


Full text of “Corrado Malanga – Complete multilingual bibliography”

Xrchetipi fact, fishes gave rise to amphibians from which birds, snakes and mammals were born. So the Pistis Sophia, or the Book of Saviour, an apocryphal Gospel of Gnostic origin, written in Coptic probably in the second half of the third century, contains a secret revelation of the risen Christ to the disciples at the meeting including Mary Magdalene, the Virgin and Marthaduring the eleven years after his Resurrection.

And finally, we find similarities between the myth of Oannes and the use of the Tiara for the high prelates of the Vatican; in fact this strange headgear comes from the myth of the Oannes fish god. On the other hand, for us it represents another demon who thinks only of himself at our expense.

Who or what was this mysterious being? To be specific, the smallest ventricle is the organ which symbolically represents integral unity that includes the physical body, the energy field and the divine spirit.

Moreover, we should notice that certain aquatic animals play a role in the symbolism of the peoples of the North especially. Unlike Vishnu, Shiva traditionally has no real avatars. All this is clearly connected with some of the most profound mysteries of cosmology. The horse is just the outer face that determines the power and the determination, as well as loyalty to his master.

But then, the Egyptians had stolen these Gods in turn from the Babylonian culture and while memories and legends certainly become hazier the further we go back in time, it must also be pointed out that the closer we draw to the source of the myth, the more it resembles reality. Do you want me to be your God too?