A’Lapide’s famous commentary on the four gospels, translated into English in four volumes. THE GREAT COMMENTARY OF CORNELIUS À LAPIDE: VOLUMES 1 TO 8. CORNELIUS À LAPIDE. TRANSLATED BY THOMAS W. MOSSMAN, B.A. Flemish Jesuit and exegete, b. at Bocholt, in Flemish Limburg, 18 December, ; d. at Rome, 12 March,

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As part of this general movement, the Reverend Thomas W.

It was on this confusing battlefield that Cornelius a Lapide took his stand. This article needs additional citations for verification. An English translation of the complete commentaries was undertaken by the Rev. After teaching philosophy for half a year, he was made a professor of Sacred Scripture at Leuven in and next year of Hebrew also.

They explain not only the literal, but also the allegorical, tropological, and anagogical sense of the sacred textand furnish a large number of quotations from the Fathers and the later interpreters of Holy Writ during the Middle Ages. The latter years of his life, however, he seems to have devoted exclusively to finishing and correcting his celebrated commentaries.


With moving simplicity and truth he portrayed himself in an emotional prayer to the Prophets at the end of his commentary on Daniel: Not a moment too soon, either. The remainder were edited posthumously, and all of them have been re-edited several times severally and collectively. By its completion inthe new church was the jewel of baroque architecture we know today Pius XI declared it a basilicaand the whole town had been reoriented around it. Among the large number of histories, commentaries, and translations he wrote, the English version of Cornelius a Lapide stands out.


The Great Commentary Cornelius A Lapide

But the holy see was not uninterested in reunion; they wanted to make sure that all aspects of such a move be directed from the Vatican. He studied humanities and philosophy at the Jesuit colleges of Maestricht and Cologne, theology first, for half a year, at the University of Douaiand afterwards for four years at Louvain ; he entered the Society of Jesus11 June,and, after two years’ noviciate and another year of theologywas ordained priest 24 December, During his professorship at Leuven it pleased him to spend his holidays preaching and administering the Sacramentsespecially at the pilgrimage of Scherpenheuvel Montaigu.

Dedicated to the Immaculate Heart of Mary. Cornelius a Lapide wrote ample commentaries on all the books of the Catholic Canon of Scripture, with the exception only of Job and the Psalms.

During his professorship at Louvain he liked to spend his holidays preaching and administering the sacramentsespecially at the pilgrimage of Scherpenheuvel Montaigu. These numerous editions show how highly these la;ide are estimated by Catholics. Very Good Average Fair Poor.

Bythe numbers of visitors and their alms allowed a small chapel to be built to house the image. My email address is webmaster at newadvent. During his professorship at Louvain he liked to spend his holidays preaching and administering the sacraments, especially at the pilgrimage of Scherpenheuvel Montaigu.

The result was a rather strange ceremony in early Like most of his predecessors and contemporaries, a Lapide intends to serve not only the historical and scientific study of the Biblebut, even more, the purposes of pious meditation, and especially of pulpit exposition.

Farley, Archbishop of New York. But, as also noticed, others thought that since neither the queen of Great Britain nor the tsar of Russia the heads of the two leading European national churches during the 19th century could possibly be considered proper religious leaders, unity with the pope was essential.


Goetzius Leipzig, wrote an academical dissertation, “Exercitatio theologica de Cornelii a Lapide Commentariis in Sacram Scripturam”, in which he praises the Jesuit author as the most important of Catholic Scriptural writers.

Thus were the origins of the Anglo-Catholic wing of Anglicanism that has survived until our own day. Inhowever, the holy see ordered the Catholic members cornrlius leave the organization, which they did.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. The year he became an undergraduate, however, John Henry Newman, who had been one of the leaders of the movement from its inception finally decided to join the Catholic Church.

Anthony Mary Claret was also very fond lapice his work, and, indeed, the same could be said of many more saints, blesseds, and holy founders.

Given that the work of corneliys order was to remain secret, the three new bishops signed their letter to the English with pseudonyms: An extract from the commentary on the Acts appeared in at Tyrnau, under the title: Thus, Dom Prosper Gueranger, Laapide. He described himself in a prayer to the Prophets at the end of his commentary on the Book of Daniel: But Mossman put his talents to the service of the church as he conceived her.