Never connect the Coralife Cone Skimmer to any power source while hands are Place Round Diffuser Sponge into Sump. (). 4. Collection Cup. Assembly. Water NOTE: Initial operation of protein skimmer may produce excess bubbles . Hi, Does anyone know where I can download coralife super skimmer 65 manual? just bought a used CSS and doesn’t have the manual. The Coralife Super Skimmer includes a Needle-Wheel Water Pump. Patented Needle-Wheel System with aspirating venturi; User Manual (pdf file in new.

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Now here’s my problem. I have already done what I can from this site but any more help would be great as nothing is seeming to help my problem right now.

All times are GMT Ive only had mine for only a few days now and the changes are minor was to lessen the noise from the spashing sound from the return. Along with tip 3, your coralite tube should extend into the sponge, but not below the water level in the center hole.

Coralife Super Skimmer 65 (WithPump)

Description Features Manuals, Etc. Learn how your comment data is processed. What fish will be good for a gothic looking fish tank?

Coralife Super Skimmer Protein Skimmer for tanks up to 65 gallons. First of all i would like to say hello! You may hav already found a solution since it has been a couple of months. I had to carefully drill it out and even widened it a little. My sisters fish tank has a fuck ton of little fish in it.? First, the tube is very hard to insert in both the unit and the pump.


What are the corakife air holes on top of the inlet pipe and the 1 air hole on top of the outlet pipe for? Thank you, for your most recent purchase of our Coralife Super Skimmer.

I did replace that white filter with some of that blue cut to size filter pad that you can get at Petsmart. If you have it in sump mabye try to have it hang off the back. Sump Or Hang On. Overview Protein skimmers have become a standard component in saltwater and reef aquarium filtration systems as they are very effective at removing dissolved organic compounds from aquarium water.

I just wanted to make sure thats what a skimmer would look like while breaking in. Most folks with bare-bottom tanks generally wet skim.

Originally posted by tripstank Has anyone tried putting a surface skimmer on theirs yet? It’s only been working correctly working for 12 hours at that point. Coralife super skimmmer help.

Also having a sump leaves the water level in the main tank constant just make sure you check the water level in the sump daily I had these problems corlaife I added my sump already had been using CSS Hang On Tank. Leave a reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

Otherwise if none of this is the problem then you can either return it to the company you bought it from or return it to us for a replacement.

Protein Skimmers :: Gallons or Less :: Coralife Super Skimmer 65 (WithPump) – Saltwater To Go

The only other problem I can think of is if you do not have the tubing going out and down right away corralife will also cause back pressure. Some more tips that I believe maximize performance for sump use: Xoralife you see some skimmate, raise the level a bit. Coralife Super Skimmer, anyone spell out the good and bad? If you’re seeing this message, you haven’t met them yet.


Really silly question about protein skimmer The pump has to be set between 3 to 4 inches below the water line. I have zkimmer same unit, set up the same way. If you just installed it, set the foam level really low for a couple of days. I called coralife today and the “old skimmers” that came in the white and red boxes had a valve between the powerhear and skimmer. Its not producing any skim yet but making the air bubbles, just no skim. I will post on that aspect at a later date.

Find More Posts by Manuwl. My first tank setup! For such a study well built unit, the easy-twist collection cup feels smooth and allows for very easy cleaning. Help with coralife skimmer 65 – 3reef Forums. The other item we include with the model 65 Super Skimmer is a flow control valve.