Continuidad de los parques. Date Monday Many thanks. Incidentally, have you read my earlier Cortazar rendition of “La noche boca arriba”?. Explore Joaquin Calatayud’s board “Continuidad de los Parques” on Pinterest. | See more ideas about Julio cortazar, Ap spanish and Literatura. Explore Caroline Smith’s board “”Continuidad de los parques” por Julio Cort├ízar” on Pinterest. | See more ideas about Julio cortazar, Parks and Vocabulary.

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Megan rated it liked it Mar 18, You’re very welcome, Sean, and thanks so much for your kind comments! The dagger warmed against his chest and underneath it, liberty lay throbbing.

Continuidad de los parques [Cuento] by Julio Cortázar (3 star ratings)

Nivo Shaheen rated it liked it Sep 07, All at once he felt his head relaxing comfortably in the velvet of the old recliner, cigarettes persisting within reach of his hands, and, beyond the large windows, the evening air dancing below the oaks. Aloe rated it liked it Oct 04, Won’t improve your sleep a smidgen.

May 3, Chris. May 20, Kenny. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read.

She must follow the path that goes to the north. La continuidad de los parques es un cuento perfecto, de esos que te dd una y otra vez; incluso cuando es extremadamente corto. Julie Fox rated it liked it Apr 06, November 24, Emily. Armed with the dagger, the man goes inside the house and sees his victim: He sits in a green velvet chair, savoring the feeling of sinking into the story conhinuidad enjoying his cigarettes and the view of the park from his study window.


Yes this is good but I wanted a tad bit more.

From the opposite path, he turned for an instant to see her running with her hair down. He had started reading the novel a few days before. Your reference will not appear until it has been cleared by a website editor. Word by word, he was absorbed into the sordid dilemma of the heroes, letting himself drift towards the images which concerted and acquired colour and movement, he was a witness to their last meeting in the mountain cabin.

You got it, Kyle, and thanks for your feedback. The ruthless double-checking was hardly interrupted by a hand caressing a cheek.

25 best Continuidad de los Parques images on Pinterest | Julio cortazar, Ap spanish and Literatura

Without looking at each other, they were both attached rigidly to the task that kos them as they separated from each other at the door of the cabin. First, the woman entered, furtively; now the lover arrived, his face scratched by the lash of a tree branch.

Rakesh and K, you’re very welcome and thanks for your kind words!

November 9, deeblog. Cindy Bowen rated it liked it Mar 24, March 17, Andy. Lists with This Book. Thank you so much. Spanish 5 Socratic Seminar Thanks so much for the translation. Shorter than your typical short story.


October 25, Christine. At the top, two doors. Categories and months of Deeblog. A translation of a very short story “Continuity of the parks” by this author. May 20, deeblog. November 17, deeblog. Perhaps the most sustainable interpretation would have the woman in the story be the loa wife, in which case her lover would have every intention of slaying his rival.

Continuidad de los parques [Cuento]

Notify me of follow-up comments via email. November 11, deeblog. He ran in turn, sheltering himself among the trees and hedges until he was able to distinguish in the mauve-coloured mist of the twilight the tree-lined path that led to the house.

He gradually let himself become interested in the plot, in the characters. It is not a word to word translation, nor am I a professional translator. Views Read Edit View history. May 25, Allie. This was a huge help!! That evening, after writing a letter to his representative and discussing a matter of sharecropping, he took up the book again in the tranquility of his study which gazed out upon the park of oak trees.

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