nadas con la odontopediatría aparecidas durante el año Debido a la gran .. en los dientes primarios el compómero se ha tenido que reemplazar. Request PDF on ResearchGate | On Jan 1, , Marta Nosas and others published Actualización en cementos de ionómero de vídrio en. #compomeros. 50 posts #empressdirect #smile #smiledesign #odontologia # odontologíaestética #dentist #steticdentistry #compomeros #veneers – 11 months ago . #resinasfotocuradas #compomeros #pediatricdentistry #odontopediatria.

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For this they used 39 primary molars with deep caries, but with no preoperative signs of irreversible pulpitis. Eur Arch Paediatr Dent ; wn 1: Dental treatment for children with behavioral problems is based on the presumption that their difficulties are due to sn phobia, but this is not always so. A case of submandibular gland mucocele. The success of direct pulp protection can not only be attributed to controlling the hemorrhage, but also to the use of material that is absolutely biocompatible with the exposure area.

J Dent Child ; 74 2: Traumatic dental injuries and associated factors among Brazilian preschool children. Dent Traumatol ; 23 3: En un estudio conducido por Arnrup y cols. Cervical pulpotomy is indicated in asymptomatic teeth with pulp exposure of more than 1 odontopediatroa, either due to caries or trauma.

In response to greater aesthetic demand in Pediatric Dentistry new materials are being proposed.

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Toh and Messer 22 carried out a meta-analysis of 25 randomized clinical trials on proximal restoration materials that compare: They found that the survival time in these restorations was a minimum of 3. Restoration of class II cavities in primary molar teeth with conventional and resin modified glass ionomer cements: The authors indicate that amalgam continues to be an appropriate option in caries therapy for children.

PULP The studies carried out with regard to pulp treatment concentrate on the materials to be used in the different procedures. If the lip has been lacerated, it is possible for a dental fragment to have penetrated the soft tissue. When behavior management problems odnotopediatria due to an illness or behavior disorders the best guidelines should be known for the treatment to succeed.


In the permanent dentition MTA is indicated for repairing perforations and furcation lesions, and in immature teeth pulp it is used for pulp xompomeros and apicogenesis, the aim being to continue root formation and apex closure, and for apex formation 17, Pediatr Dent ; 29 3: While crown fractures in the permanent teeth tend to be treated successfully with adhesive agents, root fractures are more of a problem. Blandin and Nuhn glands antero-ventral part of the tongue and submandibular gland respectively.

Management of avulsed permanent incisors: Pulp treatment was not required and the apex was completely closed. The prevalence of agenesis in permanent teeth varies between 4. But this technique continues having serious problems regarding patient follow-up visits, as concluded by Jamieson and Vargas 8 in their study, as very few patients attended the postoperative check-up and those that did return had recurrent lesions.


At 26 months the molar was asymptomatic, with no signs of infection or inflammation. Pulp sensitivity of the traumatized tooth should be revised three weeks following the trauma, as well as at one, two and six months, and after one year and after five years.

In a study carried out by Arnrup et al. In the case of children with attention deficit and hyperactivity, recent publications reflect a possible increase in incidences, but also a greater awareness on the part of the professional, although procedure guides focused on this population in particular should be developed 2.

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Predictable esthetic treatment of fractured anterior teeth: Community Dent Health ; 24 1: Traumatic injury to primary teeth can have consequences on the permanent successor, such as tooth displacement and root dilaceration. MIH is described as a hypomineralization with a systemic origin of unknown etiology that affects one or more permanent first molars and which is frequently associated with opaque incisors.


The prevalence of traumatic dental injuries in the primary dentition of a group of Brazilian preschool children 38 was 9. However, the greater susceptibility for internal resorption to appear has led to many clinicians carrying out pulpotomies instead of more conservative treatment.

However, the future use of amalgam in Pediatric Dentistry will probably be conditioned, not by the evidence of its effectiveness and duration, but rather by the concern of parents on toxicity, security and aesthetics. In these situations the placement of posts may be useful.

PULPA Los trabajos realizados en lo referente a los tratamientos pulpares se centran en los materiales a utilizar en los diferentes procedimientos. After studying various data odonopediatria between and they did not find any study that met the inclusion criteria of controlled In a prospective study of 5 years Soncini et al.

Cooperation predictors for dental patients with autism. Eight years oodontopediatria, and after a diagnosis entailing an orthopantomography and an computerized axial tomog- Management of root-fractured incisors in a year-old followed with implant treatment 7 years after traumatic injury: Parental satisfaction with preveneered stainless steel crowns for primary anterior teeth.

Other inconveniences attributed to metallic crowns are their poor aesthetic appearance, which makes parents rather reticent to their placement in children. Another factor adding to a predisposition to suffer dental accidents according to Sabuncuoglu 41is attention deficit and hyperactivity disorder.

Clinical studies show high success rates, both clinical and radiographic, and this material has been proposed for root canal therapy in primary teeth.