NOTE: This version of Carl von Clausewitz’s On War is the long-obsolete J.J. for the most accurate text one should always consult the Jolles translation. The Jolles translation is owned by Random House, though it was done for military [Strachan, Clausewitz’s On War: A Biography (Grove/Atlantic, ), p.x .]. Otto Jolle Matthijs Jolles (–) performed a major service to strategic studies in the United States by providing the first American translation of Carl von Clausewitz’s magnum opus, On War.

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However, he was outraged by the Vietnam War and extremely hostile to the state system and to the alleged “neo-Clausewitzian,” Henry Kissinger. The editors’ decision not to be bound by too literal a translation is both a strength and a weakness: Graham translation of Clausewitz’s Vom Kriege published in London in Sumida contends that Clauseiwtz central value lies in his method of reenacting the psychological difficulties of high command in order to promote the powers of intuition that he believed were essential to effective strategic decision-making.

Retrieved from ” https: Books in print by or about Clausewitz in various languages are available from the Clausewitz Bookstore.

Carl von Clausewitz: ON WAR. Notes On This Translation.

Which translation of Clausewitz’s On War do you have? Peter Paret was also a native German speaker, but he left Germany in his very early teens, whereas Jolles became an accomplished academic in Germany and a literary specialist on Clausewitz’s era before emigrating. Maude’s edition of the Graham translation A rich biography of Countess Marie von Clausewitz that also sheds enormous light on the life, ideas, influences upon, and character of the great military thinker himself.


However, a computer-generated word-index to this translation is available here. Vom Kriegevon Carl von Clausewitz, ed.

Military historian Jay Luvaas once quoted an unidentified Israeli professor as saying “whereas the first English translation was by an Englishman who did not know German, the American translation was by a Hungarian who did not know English. Changes in the native version clausewifz can be reflected in translations. By Jon Tetsuro Sumida.

If by some odd chance you have it, put it in a glass case, get it bronzed, or burn it—but READ something else. Other editorial interventions are prompted by political fear or ambition, conceptual confusion, or contrary conviction of either a technical or ideological nature.

This book is built around a new and complete translation of Clausewitz’s study of the Waterloo campaign [Berlin: Since Jolles taught military German and German military organization, and On War was considered to be a key to German military behavior, he seemed to be the natural man for the job even claussewitz he was not familiar with Clausewitz when he set out.

The following year molles emigrated to Waleswhere he taught German.


Carl von Clausewitz: ON WAR. Book 7, Chapter 7

Views Read Edit View history. Thus, our feeling, which after all is only a higher kind of judgment, forbids us to do what seems an act of justice to which our judgment would be inclined. He became a professor of German language and literature, obtaining American citizenship in Sumida also correctly notes Clausewitz’s argument that the defense is a stronger form of war, and goes on to explore the implications of that fact.

Maudewhich was very ob commercially and was reprinted in, and Citations to it will not be useful to readers looking for the quotations in the standard Princeton edition. Visit the Clausewitz Bookstores!

O. J. Matthijs Jolles

The translation of the critical ” Trinity ” section is remarkably imprecise and error-laden. Buy the best translation—recommended for serious readers.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Find that idea or quote you’re looking for in your paper copy.

Most editions retain Graham’s useful index. Visit The Clausewitz Homepage.

The same effort which, in the one case, might at most excite our pity, must, in the other call forth our admiration, because it is much more difficult to sustain. Visit the Clausewitz Bookstores!