GUSTAV AULÉN AND CHRISTUS VICTOR. In recent years, the theory of atonement known as Christus Victor (“Christ the victor”) has been both championed. The term Christus Victor comes from the title of Gustaf Aulén’s groundbreaking book 1st published in ’31 which drew attention to early Church understanding of. Gustaf Aulen’s classic work, ‘Christus Victor’, has long been a standard text on the atonement. Aulen applies “history of ideas’ methodology to historical theology.

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The idea of purchase cnristus a price is foreign to the classical view held by the Greek Fathers. It is this, that He has redeemed me from sin, from the devil, from death and all oe.

Its the book, not the model weakness is its simplistic reductions of other theologians’ thoughts. This is a classic theological text that argues against the Augustinian notion that Christ died as a blood sacrifice for humanity, to pay for humanity’s sins, and instead posits that the resurrection was about victory over death, not some reenactment of the Temple animal sacrifices.

Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. The Orthodox Church still holds to the Christus Victor view, based upon their understanding of the Atonement put forward by Irenaeus, called “recapitulation” Jesus became what we are so that we victkr become what he is.

Vhristus eBook available WipfandStock.

How We Got Our Bible. Anselm himself went on to explicate the satisfaction view of atonement.

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But no man can pay because no man can carry the weight of sin of the entire humanity. A thought-provoking read which does expose chritsus distinction between Luther’s understanding of the atonement and the other common understandings.


For Irenaeus the Incarnation is part of God’s atoning work. Wipf and Stock PublishersSep 5, – Religion – pages. He must become man to rescue man from the bondage of the evil.

This view, Aulen maintains, keeps from the errors of penance systems emphasizing Law and man, vicor reveals the unity within the Trinity’s redemptive plan and the freedom of the forgiveness shown by God through Christ.

Since man sinned, man must pay it. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. He seeks to demonstrate that the penance systems of Satisfaction Theory and Penal Substitution place an undue emphasis on man’s obligation to offer payment to God and on God’s obligation to Law.

Christus Victor – New World Encyclopedia

February Learn how and when to remove this template message. It ought to be an idea centrally integrated into the Anselmian theory, and there is no reason why it could not. Aside from the above criticisms, this is a paradigm-shifting book. Luther is a master of juxtaposing the opposites: The ransom view of the atonement derives from the exegesis of several biblical passages Mark For before, I had not yet had any Lord, nor King, but had been held captive under the devil’s power, doomed to death, ensnared in sin and blindness Though this point rests on the perhaps overemphasised distinction between God’s work from above versus that from below, I am convinced that the Latin view of the atonement does not inevitable conclude with satisfaction being the work of man offered to God.

By contrast, Christus Victor depicts Christ’s sacrifice, not as a legal offering to God in order to placate his justice, but as the decisive moment in a war against the powers of darkness; the law included. The Reformers later rationalized further and reduced the Latin or judicial theory of atonement almost to a science. My whole life as a Christian, I have struggled with the central story of the faith: Being relatively short, odds are we read it between two class sessions as a supplement to the primary source materials covered.


Now, therefore, those tyrants and gaolers are all crushed, and in their place is come Jesus Christ, a Lord of Life, righteousness, all good and holiness, and He has snatched us poor lost men from the jaws of hell, won us, made us free, and brought us back to the Father’s goodness and grace quoted on This page was last edited on 9 Juneat The work of salvation thus rest entirely on man.

But after all these years, do we really understand the meaning of the Cross or have we exhausted all of its meaning? Do not let the complexity of the book cause you to leave it off of your to-read list.

Christus Victor is indeed, as Aulen observes, not a theory but an idea. This is to be contrasted with the Latin dhristus of the atonement, which are narrowly penal. No, cancel Yes, report it Thanks! He redeemed it still united to his nature on the cross.