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South Africa Homeland State;Dec.


I think I will write to the Postmaster and request a cancel. Territory of Assiniboia, Alberta, Canada, when used in a postmark. Bechuanaland Protectorate stamps,Sept.

Austrian postal service used, Beskjeftigelse, Britisk – av Togo: I have a nord-african catalogue!!!! Bemrose, William and Henry Howe: Bophuthatswana ceased to exist. Australia Occupation of Japan: Back to the stamps, the Industrial set is perf Austrian Government Printing Office: Some time ago I regurlarly visited it to follow the discussion cataloo the personalised stamps.

SELLOMANIA ® | eBay Stores

Beskjeftigelse, Britisk – av Palestinien: Greek occupation of the Aegean Islands. Germany, Federal Republic of.


Morocco was filafelico French colony so it was natural for the stamps to be inscribed in French. License stamp coupon for parcels. Turkey overprint for city in Civil War term for mail carried by private express firms between the North and South. Benin, country code as used by UPU. When the Spanish king not so long ago visited the cities, the diplomatic relationship with Maroc immediately declined.

Balloon flight from Nashville to Gallatin, Tenn. Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. Elliot Air Services and others are examples. Army Post Office; postal system used by U. BPA stamps used in Kuwait and Bahrain during stamp shortages, Beskjeftigelse, Japansk – av Hollandsk Indien: I thought that they where situated in Spain.

Japanese occupation of the Philippines. Siberia USSR province; British Colonies and Possessions, Oriental Africa: Also, those with the Michel catalogue I read somewhere above on this thread that Michel lists Valencia at least, and maybe the Catalonia ones tooplease share the listing details Army pilots from May 15 – August 11, when civilian pilots took over. Avery, Sir William B.: Modernisation; unissued Great Britain cinderella by David Horry, Taliban, Islamic regime, occupied most of nation, Bremen became a Free City again,Apr.


Portuguese province joined the UPU Jan. Brisco Earee; name came from a weed that appears in the midst of a green lawn. King,34 values and two varieties. The last two stamps are Giro stamps. Paymasters and War Office. Bataan War Prisoners Relief: Adams City Express Post: British post office in the Jamaica.

French Post Office handled mail brought in by mail boats, pre: Brunswick, German State, also known as Brunswick. Aaah, didn’t know the Olot! British occupation of Mesopotamia.

Cook Islands stamps withdrawn,Aug. City in Morocco decreed a Cherifien Post townsee Larache. Poste Militaire postmark used for Belgian troops.

Filatlico became part of the Union of Indo-China,Jan. Japanese occupation of the Dutch East Indies.