Canon EOS 50e Pdf User Manuals. View online or download Canon EOS 50e Operator’s Manual. View and Download Canon EOS 50 manual online. EOS 50 Film Camera pdf manual download. Canon 50/50e Operator’s Manual 25 pages. EOSE/Elan IIE/EOS has built-in flash with an eye-control autofocus feature. In the manual and shutter speed-priority AE modes, 1/ sec. and slower.

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Document Outline

Align film leader at mark, then close the camera back for auto loading. Manual flash is possible. Auto pop-up and serial-controlled.

To all the good people who has contributed their own experience, resources or those who are kind enough granting us permission to use their images appeared in this site. 50r film is loaded and the back is closed, the film advances to frame 1 automatically. Depending on the mode selected, the film advances automatically by either a single-frame or continuously.

Portrait, Landscape, Close-up, Sports. Shutter speed-priority AE 3. Guide Number ISOm: Each function has two or more settings.

Canon EOS 50 Manual

Canon EF Mount electronic signal transfer system. Day, month, year Imprinting color: AE lock, exposure dot scale, exposure compensation, exposure compensation amount, flash, manual exposure level, autobracketing amount, red-eye reduction lamp-ON indicator, flash exposure compensation, flash ready, in-focus indicator blinks when focus is impossibleincorrect exposure warning during FE lock, Eye Control icon lights during Eye Control and blinks when Eye Control is impossibleand manuao sync.


They also light during depth-of-field preview with the Eye-Controlled depth-of-field mark or AE lock button. Vertical-travel, focal plane shutter with all speeds electronically controlled. AE lock enabled with a button. Using a flash unit equipped with several contacts on the hot shoe toot dedicated to a different-brand camera or using a high-voltage batterytype flash unit maual accessories may result in camera misoperation or malfunction.

EV at ISO If this happens, have it replaced at cost by a Canon Service Center. Home – Photography in Malaysia.

Canon EOS 50E manuals

At low temperatures, the display response of the LCD panel may become slower. Not available in PIC modes. X-sync for direct connection on hot shoe. And at 60 degrees C or higher temperatures. Front and rear shutter curtains both have dedicated electro-magnetic release control. Built-in AF-assist bearm emitted automatically at the current focusing point area. Automatic at the end of the roll.

Retractable, TTL automatic exposure flash housed in the pentaprism By-pass control system. Month, day, year and 5. Automatically zooms to cover the field of view of 28mm lens. Cankn Battery Pack BP The focus point can be selected: Year, month, day, 2.


Technical Specification for Canon EOSE / Elan IIE / EOS

Dial on camera back sets exposure compensation amount in AE modes, the aperture in the manual mode, and the flash exposure compensation amount for the built-in flash. Site made with an 50s I Mac.

Built-in, retractable TTL autoflash head in the pentaprism. Shutter speed, aperture setting, film speed, multiple exposure count, Red-Eye reduction, self-timer display, film status, exposure display, battery check, and other indications. Outside the image area, the shutter speed, aperture setting, calibration, depth-of-field AE, FE lock are displayed by a 7-segment yellow LCD. In Av and manual modes the aperture is manually set.