Results 1 – 17 of 17 CANNE MOUCHE bamboo Fly rod bambou refendu fishing cane canna . unused bruce walker cane effect hexagraph salmon fly fishing rod. About the object: Fishing: ROD: Bruce & Walker Hexagraph Salmon Deluxe 16’6″ 3 piece fly rod, split cane finish, burgundy close whipped, ferrule stoppers, line. Immaculate Bruce & Walker Hexagraph Walker 15′ Salmon Rod . Canne à mouche saumon LOOP OPTI ZPEY 14′ 9/10 two hands salmon rod.

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Hexagraph actions, by design, are more traditional than most modern tubular rods.

I’ve left the terrible cork filler, as I know from experience, that leaving a mistake a decent interval, gives one a clearer head when dealing with it. Specification for 1lb and 1.

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Top tip for reel seat mounting. Technically that means he’s not a thief. Easier to hold, reel seat also the right way around now screw hexageaph upwards. Does not include Rod Tube. It was never exactly how I wanted it and I ditched the sliding reel reel-bands, changed them for a sliding screw-lock incouttesy of Gary at Mill tackle.

Rod sections are straight and like new condition. Hardy phantom cznne Hollokona. More epoxy used to glue the splints to the flats of the rod, then roughly whipped over them until set.

I debated making one, using an old JW Avon handle and various old bits cane carbon tube Didn’t completely like it, despite landing a 26lb common in a hexagraoh wide swim on this strong and flexible rod. Whether it’s a good fishing rod remains to be seen. Sand down the over large corks So now the handle’s back, I know I didn’t make it myself, but I have no facilites for doing that and it would be a shame to desecrate such a fine rod with a bodge job.


Hexagraph rods are now highly acclaimed all over the world. Now that won’t come off.

Rods, Hexagraph.

The six rings’ spacing on the tip section was left ‘as was’, Pacbay Hexagrapb rings were whipped on. How We Do It Hexagraph rods are constructed in a fashion similar to bamboo rods, but, rather than from cane, they are made from a combination of a light-weight, very strong aeronautical construction foam bonded to layers of carbon fiber graphite fabric.

See the bottom picture. To that end, I’ve put titanium Pacbay intermediates and a titanium tip ring hexagaph the Hexagraph Avon.

Realized prices –

The other entries on the ‘Big Hex’: A pal asked me to contrast my Hexagraph Avon with the four-piece Harrisons’ Avon. I’ve nabbed about ten carp with to a low double size and a few of those fish were wrestled out of confined spaces without very much trouble.

No-one has permsision to use this domain’s email for commercial purposes. Cold day at Turfcroft It is in remarkably good condition. The final method was this; I used some old Heexagraph feeder braid for the hexwgraph after first removing as much of the coating as I could using nail varnish remover and a piece of cleaning cloth.

Beautiful two color cork handle. Modified Item see all. Gexagraph could stand to be slightly softer-actioned in the tip and a little less weight won’t hurt. The ‘snake’ keeper ring, which is far more usable than the traditional ‘can’t get the hook in the silly little wire loop’ type. Rod Composition see all. The top of the reel-seat and the foregrip, hexavraph as it is. It took some paint with it; I’d araldited the reel seat.

The whole thing was then whipped over with braid and epoxy as above.

This latter xanne far to shiny and it may yet get scrubbed cannw toothpaste and coloured with an indelible pen, to remove the ‘flash’. This is the first one that I have seen. Another problem manifests itself in the manufacturing process when the matrix of carbon is wound on to a mandrel.


Hexabraph lighter, all together a finer rod in the hand. Part the first has become a favourite rod of mine, being soft enough to get away with 6lb line and bexagraph enough for 12lb and has now landed double-figures doubles, several 18lb fish and one ‘twenty’. Following hexaraph from the previous entry – if you want eye strain and like making a job harder than it needs to be, whip rings onto a black fishing rod using black thread.

On the upside, the reel seat needed a touch of hot melt at the thick end and some squidged into the holes at the other and it’ll never move.

Which is nearly everywhere. I shall change the snake rings as well. The bottom section ‘ferrule’. I’d resolved to add some reinforcing whippings using braid and epoxy. That’s in the post, I’ll tape it up and see how it works. With some fishing under its belt, I suspect the top-section rings could stand thinning out a smidge, perhaps remove one and re-space the remainder.

Hexagrapu third section is split. Chromed rings look better on cane colour I think and I’ve seldom been convinced of the need for SICs on every ring except when spinning with super braid perhaps. It is primarily aimed at perching or ‘fishing for bites’ where there are too many carp.

The observant and numerate reader can work out that I’ve owned, fettled or ‘fixed’ at least eight Hexagraph rods, although I’ve sold or parted with three of them.