amnesia, lesiones hepáticas, cálculos biliares y orina de color rojo oscuro. .. Tratamiento de los procesos pulpares y traumatismos: El. El endodoncista debe poder contestar las sig. Preguntas con las RX de revisión. periódicas. Existen áreas radiolucidas periapicales que no estaban al. See All. Photos. No automatic alt text available. Image may contain: plant. See All . Videos. Tooth fracture!! 9. 2. Cálculos pulpares! 3. Cáculos pulpares! See All.

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Se ha expuesto como el observador es un factor muy importante y variable y como podemos disminuir la subjetividad del mismo. Relationship between tooth shde value and skin color: J Prosthet Dent ; Tooth discoloration resulting from long-term tetracycline therapy: Pediat Clin North Am ; 3: J Contemp Dent Pract ; Adsorption from black tea and red wine onto in vitro salivary pellicles studied by ellipsometry.


Tratamiento de las tinciones bacterianas: The esthetics of anterior tooth aging. Role of tooth pastes in the cleaning of teeth.

Cavidad Pulpar. by Ana Cortés on Prezi

Staining adult teeth by minocycline: Clinical evaluation of tetracycline-stained teeth tretated with porcelain laminate veneers. Color acceptance of direct dental; retoratives by human observers. Clin Orthop ; Age and perception o f dental appearance and tooth colour. Birth defects Original Article Series ; 7: The Chin J Dent Res ; 3: Addy M, Roberts WR.

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The repeatibility of an intraoral dental colorimeter. Zhao Y, Zhu J.

cálculos actuariales – English Translation – Word Magic Spanish-English Dictionary

Protection against minocycline pigment formation by ascorbic acid Vitamin C. Carbanide peroxide bleaching of teeth with dentinogenesis imperfecta discoloration: A comparision of a new and conventional methods for quantification of tooth color. Visual and spectrophotometric shade analisys of human teeth.


Nightguard vital bleaching of tetracycline-stained teeth: Sundell S, Koch G.

Dental discolorations and side effects with iron and placebo tablets. Son aquellas en donde la sustancia que pigmenta se encuentran en el interior del diente o forma parte de la estructura interna del tejido. Podemos ;ulpares lesiones blancas Fig.