CFGQ Silicon Labs 8-bit Microcontrollers – MCU 8KB,24ADC,32Pin MCU datasheet, inventory, & pricing. CF datasheet, CF pdf, CF data sheet, datasheet, data sheet, pdf, Silicon Laboratories, 50 MIPS / 8 Kb Flash / 24 Bit ADC MCU. CF datasheet, CF circuit, CF data sheet: SILABS – 50 MIPS, 8 kB Flash, Bit ADC, Pin Mixed-Signal MCU,alldatasheet.

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Set STA to restart transfer. Enable the external oscillator.

C8051F350 8051 8-bit Microcontroller, 50 MHz, 8 Flash(kB)

An interrupt will occur if enabled when either C8051f35 or RI0 is set. Electrical specifications for the precision internal oscillator are given in Table External Oscillator Mode Bits. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered.

An extended interrupt handler allows the numerous dstasheet and digital peripherals to c8051350 indepen- dently of the controller core and interrupt the controller only when necessary.

Fatasheet register serves as a second accumulator for certain arithmetic operations. To ensure calibration accuracy, offset calibrations must be performed prior to gain calibrations not neces- sary to perform both internal and system calibrations system calibration will also compensate for any internal error sources This bit sets the priority of the Timer 3 interrupt.


When you do that back to back spi write command are you waiting for the first one to complete? Real time clock mode using PCA or timer and exter. The load capacitance depends upon the crystal and the manufacturer. This bit is set to logic 1 by hardware at the end of a data transfer.

C2 Flash Programming Data.

Master Slave Device Device Figure Using the MOVX instruction, write a data byte to any location within the byte page to be erased. System Overview Figure datasheft. This register contains bits 7—0 of the bit ADC fast filter conversion result.

Comparator0 Rising-Edge Interrupt Enable. The problem i am facing a problem in SPI communication. An internal reference is available differential external reference can be used for ratiometric measurements.

C8051F350 Datasheet

The new byte is not transferred to the receive buffer, allowing the previously received data byte to be read. Flash Memory Figure This bit will be set to logic 1 when the receive buffer has been read and contains no new information. Supporting Documents It is assumed the reader is familiar with or has access to the following supporting documents: Sign up using Facebook.


The appropriate circuitry is enabled when it is needed by a peripheral. Internal Oscillator Calibration Register.

CFGQR – Silicon Labs – PCB Footprint & Symbol Download

SPI0 interrupt set to low priority level. Wait at least 1 ms. Single Conversion, and Continuous Conversion. ADC is in low-power shutdown. Absolute Maximum Ratings 3. Interrupt 0 Type Select.

Do not acknowledge received address. Copy your embed code and put on your site: If there is new information available in the receive buffer that has not been read, this bit will return to logic 0.