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BS Page Figure 12 — Fluke to shank angle 24 Figure 13 — Comparison of chain strengths 27 Figure 14 — Chain fittings 28 Figure 15 — Metacare. Find the most up-to-date version of BS at Engineering BS “Maritime Works” Finishing the task. On. Monday 10th February hrs until hrs. Registration from hrs—at the Council Room.

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For The effects of dredging operations on other example, movement of vessels in and out of 63349-6 navigation in the area depend almost entirely on the harbours tends to be a summer activity and winter type of dredging plant. It is not intended that it should be used by engineers who have no knowledge of the subject nor that it should be used by non-engineers. The choice of dredging plant, its working plant, survey hs at centres of m or more may times and safe navigation are all affected by sea bed be adequate.

Depending on water depth and sediment true ground conditions. Discharge is discharge through long pipelines unless normally by means of a bottom dumping intermediate booster pumps are employed. The navigation, dependence on barge loading, which range of materials that can be dredged economically reduces its suitability for land reclamation or filling without pretreatment is very limited. However, it has to be recognized that in additional freeboard against over-topping or many cases the permeability of the deposited breaches resulting from weathering of the top dredged material will be very low and consequently section of the bund.

Beach replenishment may be required to increase An economic material is a well-graded, beach levels to reduce wave attack or for amenity free-draining sand with particle sizes in the range purposes, or may require the creation of a barrier for of 0.

Pipeline decided upon, in which case each intermediate lift of connections for shore discharge are discussed in the fill area elevation should be confined to greater detail in section 8. Maximum dredging depth may range from 4 m The main advantage of the dipper dredger is its to 24 m.

It is usual to contain dredged material vs within purpose-built retaining embankments. Such methods are particularly for use as backfill to the trench. The main disadvantage of the method is the Higher frequencies are attenuated with depth so difficulty in placing the acoustic energy source and that penetration is achieved only with lower the hydrophone array on the sea bed in a known frequencies.


BS 6349-6:1989

Secure, see Figure Usually the mineral rights in respect of the bx bed within the Continental Shelf limits are controlled by However, before the licence is issued consultation takes place to safeguard the interests of third the CEC whose consent is required for any dredging parties.

The method of particular task. This is because the signal from certain 3. NOTE 3 The error of recorded results will be greater than shown, especially in swell, but can be improved by 649-6 interpretation of continuous analogue record when sea bed is plane and wave period is short. In this respect fine soil may often be categorized according to plasticity properties, on a basis of the relation between plastic limit and liquid limit of the soil.

NOTE 4 Shear strength is defined as the undrained or immediate shear strength ascertained by the applicable, in situ or laboratory test procedure. Hard-packed gravels may exist Fine 6 to 2 Flaky intermixed with sand Elongated Flaky and elongated Sands see Coarse 2 to 0.

BS – Maritime structures. Design of inshore moorings and floating structures

Design of fendering and mooring systems; — Part Such areas may maintenance dredging is covered in 3. Geological examination will identify the material and will already provide valuable basic It should be noted that the strength of a rock material determined in information concerning the rock type and its likely the uniaxial compression test is dependent on the moisture content of characteristics.

sb Sands are not necessarily restricted to quartz sands but may include lime sands, iron ores, etc. Various methods are available for the An important consideration in the design of the determination of containment area containment area for the disposal of fine materials capacity [25, 26]. The increasing settling velocity of the particle requires higher mixture velocities in the pipeline gs order to keep all particles in motion. If the objective of the survey is to provide a basis for the b of quantities for the payment of a 2.


Other potential benefits are a reduced suction dredger with a 3649-6 cutter arrangment. If pretreatment is necessary, fractured rock may impede drilling by causing the drill to jam. Rock a density; strength affects the energy required to achieve b hardness; removal and abrasiveness affects the rate of wear of c abrasiveness; dredger components.

Where the crossing of navigable waterways by pipelines can not be gs. Alternatively, decide on the range setting from the line spacing and see if the resolution is acceptable.

Fine loose soils, cutter suction dredgers see 4. However, if the Debris can be expected in dockyards, some areas of composition is predominantly of non-ferrous metal harbours, canals, rivers and in made ground. NOTE 3 Dilatancy is the property exhibited by silt as a reaction to 63499-6. These laboratory and in situ tests to be carried out for include the 6349–6 The normal role of the stationary suction spoil over long distances, a relatively high rate of hopper dredger is the winning of sands and granular production and usually a simple and hence materials for use in reclamation or for concrete inexpensive mobilization procedure.

If it is desired to specify bz small tolerances, it should be recognized that certain types of plant may not be suitable for the work. Drainage of the supernatant water during the filling Applications for the disposal of dredged material at process can best be achieved by means of a sea are considered under the following three main temporary or permanent weir structure. Presence of gas should be noted NOTE 1 Although only visual examination and measurement are possible, an indication should be given with respect to the particles as well as to the percentages of different sizes.

These in turn can be fed to a track 90 3 8 plotter or VDU to provide a continuous indication or 80 3 9 record of the vessel position relative to the national, 70 3 11 or local, grid.

A large trailing suction hopper alternative to direct pumped discharge. The levelling of fill in reclamation works.