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BS Metric high strength large hexagon head bolts 英标BS BS BS Metric high. Weight Calculator Tolerance. BS Specification For High Strength Friction Grip Bolts And Associated Nuts And Washers For Structural Engineering – General Grade. BS High strength friction grip bolts and associated nuts and washers for structural engineering. Metric series. General grade (AMD ) ( AMD.

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NOTE 5 Hardness values are given for guidance only. 4359-1 7 — Test piece B. If, in addition, the purchaser desires to make his own inspection, he shall state so in his enquiry and contract or bw. Free to use BIM project management tool provides step-by-step help to define, manage and validate responsibility for information development and delivery at each stage of the asset life cycle in level 2 BIM projects. The face of the sleeve shall be brought into contact with the leading face of the nut.

Recommendations giving guidance in the use of this form of fastener are given in BS Document Status Indicators The Green document status indicator indicates that the document is: The standard thread lengths are based on the formulae set out in Table 3. The test plate shall have a hardness of not less than Rockwell C Hexagon bolts for high-strength structural bolting with large width across flats thread lengths according to ISO —Product grade C—Property classes 8.

The lower or bearing face shall be 43955-1.

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The Catalogue may be consulted in many public libraries and similar institutions. It also seems unlikely that a metric Version of BS 4 would in any wayChange the flange angles, and there appears to be justification for retaining them as at present, since ISO is currently considering the adoption of structural steel sections covered by BS 4.


Size px x x x x The Vickers hardness test shall be performed in accordancc with the 435-1 of BS The rnandrel shall have a hardness of not less than RockwellC The maximum and minimum diameters of the unthreaded portion of the shank of the bolt shall be in accordance with dimensions given in Table 5, Columns 2 and 3.

The maximum content of sulphur and phosphorus shall not exceed 0. This Standard makes reference to the following British Standards: Although the basic hexagon sizes for the bolts and nuts are in accordance with ISO Recommendation Rthe next larger width across flats for any given diameter, as shown in the normal bw series, have been selected in order to provide greater bearing areas for both bolts and 4935-1.

BSMethod for Brinell hardness test. When clearance d e s it necessary, plain washers may be clipped on one side at a point not closer than seveneighths of the bolt diameter from the centre of the washer. Outside diameter C Max. The test is considered satisfactory if the measurement, after the proof load has been applied for not less than 10 seconds, Shows an extension of not more than NOTE 2 Although the mechanical requirements specified in this standard are in metric technical units i.

Worldwide Standards We can source any standard from anywhere in the world. Length of bolts 2. The tolerance on the nominal length shall be as given in Table 2. The p u r c b r is requcrtcd to comult with thc manufacturcr concerning lists of stock production sizes.


System HV – hexagon fit bolt and nut assemblies Incorporating corrigendum October Please copy and paste this embed script to where you want to embed Embed Script. BSLimits and fits for engineering.

British Bx are revised, when necessary, by rhe issue hs of amedment Slips or of revised editions. Proof load t a t for nut C. Up to and 43955-1 16 mm Over 16 mm up to and including 24 mm Over 24 mm 15 or fraction thereof 5 or fraction thereof 2 or fraction thereof 3. Position the bolt so that no Corner of the hexagon takes bearing load See Fig.


Recommendations giving guidance in the use of this form of fastener are given in BS. The demands on the Services of the Institution are steadily increasing and can only be met if continuing and increased financial Support is provided. The thread shall be tolerance class 4hexcept that the major diarneter shall be equal to the minimurn rnajor diameter for class 4h with a plus tolerance of one quarter of the 6g major diameter tolerence.

Wedge loading of fuu size bolt 27 BS Each test selected from Appendix D shall be carried out ba times per batch of bolts. For metbod of carryinp out tat, ace Appendix C. This term includes both top and bottom blown oxygen processcs. Limits and fits for engineering. High-strength structural bolting saaemblies for preloading-Part 3: Contact the Information Centre. BS’ High strength friction 4395-11 bolts for structural enginaring be, Part 1, ‘ General grade bolts ‘.

The Standard thread lengths are based on the forrnulae set out in Table 3. Hexagon Head Bolts for Steel Structures. The test plate shall have a hardness of not less than Rockwell C In the case of the oxygen processcs the maximum content of nitrogen shall not exceed 0. Thc Rockwell hardness accordance with the requircrne.