RFSL Ungdom and Forum för levande historia () BRYT! Ett metodmaterial om normer i allmänhet och heteronormen i synnerhet [Break!. Day of Silence: bryt tystnaden, Idrottssverige! Public. · Hosted by RFSL Ungdom Öst. Interested. clock. Friday, April 19, at PM – PM UTC+ RFSL Ungdom is the Swedish Youth Federation for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender Vi gör också metodmaterial som Bryt!, släpper rapporter och fixar .

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Sex Education1—14, iFirst article Elusive sex acts: Read and see more here And of course, visit the blog: Sweden notably criminalised the purchase of sex in efforts to further restrict prostitution inand Norway followed suit in Love from the board.

RFSL Ungdom – Stockholm, Sweden

This makes queer critique a particularly interesting starting point for discussing political challenges to good sex education.

The comparison above with the Finnish situation shows that coverage is not only variable, but also insufficient. Tolerance education and young people thinking about sexuality]. The inclusion of sexual minorities in the sex education curriculum seems so far to have resulted in something more like tolerance education than sex education.

They contacted me in need of a website, and the result is a legible and clean presentation of their diverse work. Halperin, 3 — Email Subscription Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. A clean and simple website where the art gets your attention, rather than the actually website.


Bryt! : ett metodmaterial om normer i allmänhet och heteronormen i synnerhet

Next up is an event called Rainbow Evenings tomorrow Oct 14th. Efforts to double the teaching hours and to allocate the responsi- bility for sex education to specific teachers with certification, in addition to school nurses, have had considerable effects rcsl knowledge levels in the student body in Finland Kontula Theoretically, it would be feasible to develop significant support for this standpoint. This is partly the case.

Sessions tend to be concentrated in a project week in Year 9 or 10 ages 14 —15where the timetable is collapsed to allow focus on one theme. Without any training in how to address sexual practices and desire, teachers fall back on the narrative of reproductive heterosexuality that most feel more comfortable with.

It is remarkable how intensely political and desexualised homosexuality is in Norwegian sex education. Young people and ethical sex.

While one-third of teachers who are responsible for sex education in Finland have special training, as do school nurses, few Norwegian teachers have such special qualifications Kontula See and read more here This was a part of the project Pegasus as I did earlier in the summer. The T as haunting abject Another crucial point in rfso politicisation of homosexuality, and its introduction in sex education as an object of toleration, has been a staunch denial of relations between homosexuality and male femininity and female masculinity.

Sexuality education and desire: However, they have had to suffer significant criticism as a result of this agenda.

A few websites I made some sites and blogs for photographers last year that I never published here. On request, meeting reports can be attained.


RFSL Ungdom

We have two fun events coming up. This agenda explicitly leads attention away from queer sex, and towards matters of sexual identity. The limits of political ambition? Sexualitet och genus i sexualupplysning och sexualundervisning i TV [Risk and acceptance.

A history of sexuality in America. View her site here: The politics and practice of sex education. Wednesday the 20th of May, 6. Sexuality and gender in sex education and teaching about sex on TV].

See you in august!

At this point, when Nordic societies are touting their sexual freedom as a defining characteristic of their nations and culture, it would be a good time rsl test the content of that freedom through a sex education agenda that is explicit about sexual practices and sexual pleasure. The publisher does not give any warranty express or implied or make any representation that the contents will be complete or accurate or up to date.

Skip to main content. Finally, the procedure is repeated with added lubricant. We are gonna have a workshop at Kalmar Nation at That sexual freedom for homosexuals should be symbolised by partnership and marriage rights in this light is no strange occurrence.