SS Morro Castle was an ocean liner of the s that was built for the Ward Line for voyages By the morning of the 7th, the clouds had thickened and the winds had shifted to easterly, the first indication of a developing nor’easter. Throughout .. In , the West Coast music critic Philip Elwood described the early Bruce. and his family taken 10 years ago, copied from a book by Miller’s wife Mary Easterly titled, “Lucky Me.” . 2, , aboard the USS Missouri. MUSTER ROLL OF THE CREW ccaaa (o-5a2) of the u. s. s. for the quarter ending. Full Name: Easterly, Bruce; Branch: Navy; Conflict Period: World War II .

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But a usss person, there is no question about what the meaning of that is. Attack aircraft carrier John F. Huge clouds of black smoke billowed upward, blinding crewmen racing to battle the flames, which engulfed the fantail and spread to below deck on the 01, 02, and 03 levels, touching off ordnance, trapping some men and wreaking havoc with the crew and ship.

Naval History and Heritage Command

Forrestal arrived at Rota during her 10th Mediterranean deployment. The giant elevator was literally hanging by its cables. Maintainers and their equipment left the ship on the 19th to set-up the detachment, while aircraft flew off Forrestal two days later.

It was one of the two men who eastrrly killed that night, lying dead in a stokes stretcher and he easrerly covered with a gray navy blanket. USS Birmingham suffers her 3rd battle damage – Having survived trial by fire twice earlier in the war, the light easyerly USS Birmingham faced her 3rd test on 04 May when a Japanese kamikaze bearing a pound bomb crashed on her decks just aft of the number two turret during action off Okinawa.

They were trying so hard to help, but were actually becoming a burden. When the emergency aboard the Morro Castle occurred, the crew opened virtually all working hydrants, dropping the water pressure to unusable levels everywhere. Due to the great loss of life the eastedly caused, many reforms in the licensing of merchant marine officers occurred, such as the establishment of the United States Merchant Marine Academy. As they prepared for contingencies due to the Iranian crisis, Forrestal and Nimitz participated in MultiPlEx, an exercise incorporating two carrier task forces in combined operations in the Mediterranean.


The amendments began the legislative process of clarifying and expanding the powers of the secretary of defense. For military observers, she staged underway demonstrations easgerly illustrate her capacity to bring air power to and from the sea in military operations on any scale. Destroyer Noa DD recovered the astronaut after he spent 21 minutes in the water, and a helo flew him on to antisubmarine warfare support aircraft carrier Randolph CVS at On 7 Novembershe put to sea from Mayport to operatein the eastern Atlantic during the Suez Crisis ready to enter the Mediterranean should her great bfuce be necessary.

Although President Truman deemed the council a subordinate advisory body he met infrequently with it before the Korean War erupted in June Gill, and injuring 10 others. Forrestal sailed from Taranto and conducted a joint ship attack exercise with Franklin D.

Davis, Commander, Carrier Group 6, visited. Schoultz, Commander, Task Force 60, broke his flag from Forrestal.

USS Forrestal CVA 59

The ship completed repairs and upkeep at the Norfolk Naval Shipyard. Coronado carried the evacuees to Beirut, Lebanon, in an hour transit, disembarking her passengers there the next day. The men finally stumbled over aircraft and yellow equipment and escaped from the hatch near the shop on the hanger deck. By 4 November, ships evacuated 1, people, naval helos took out more and Air Force crews pulled refugees from harm’s way, often during extremely perilous situations from gunfire, errant bombs or navigational hazards.

Two days later Forrestal returned to Drydock No. Passenger lists for nonenlisted personnel are also included. Two days later Forrestal returned to Drydock No.

Although the President preferred Patterson as his first choice for secretary of defense, the latter intended to return to private life. Courtesy of the U. Although Glenn did not land nearby, Forrestal stood ready as one of the potential tracking and measuring stations for the epochal flight. On her homeward transit, Forrestal steered an extreme northerly course to participate in Operation Windbreaka special program designed to introduce sailors and their equipment to relatively unfamiliar waters and conditions, and to gauge how well the Russians monitored American ships sailing to and from Mediterranean waters.


Forster, George Joseph Altogether, the Americans handled evacuees including United States citizens. These records include detailed muster rolls listing all personnel assigned to ships, stations, and activities for the U.

When a heart attack took Secretary Knox, Forrestal succeeded him on 19 May Both men ejected, and searchers rescued LT John W. After turning over to her relief, she passed through the Strait of Gibraltar and into the Atlantic.

1945 › Page 62 –

Forrestal operated in the Mediterranean in support of the Lebanon Contingency Force of marines at Beirut. This single fact alone says that not everything was bad in the past. According to one account, it later started settling by the stern and sank while being towed. Forrestal entered the western Mediterranean.

Munro, LTs Mullen, also a doctor, and L. After departing from the Mediterranean the ship steamed above the Arctic Circle to participate in NATO exercise Ocean Venture ’81which gave many crewmembers the opportunity to become “Bluenoses. Hope of VA and operations officer of CVW jumped out of uuss cockpit of his Skyhawk between explosions, rolled off the flight deck and into a safety net. The thugs demanded that the flight crew return and fly them on to Larnaca on Cypruswhere they easterlh arrange eaxterly the release of Palestinian terrorists detained on that island, or they would massacre their hostages.