Our detailed Instruction Booklet explains how Parkerizing works and takes you through the process step-by-step with plenty of helpful trouble shooting info. I’m going to use directions specific to the phosphate solution I’m used to .. I’ve done this using the manganese solution off of brownells, it pit a. Parkerizing – Products. Parkerizing Instructions · PARKERIZING SUPPLIES ONLY · BROWNELLS. Unfortunately, this product cannot be ordered. Parkerizing.

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Remember, this might vary. No asking questions about illegal firearms modifications. You’re not going to hurt anything by doing it again. B Should I take the super-human step of removing the barrel and parking it separately?

Leftover foam rubber earplugs make great barrel plugs. What does that mean you may ask? Phosphate That Shit You heard me. If your company decides to do an audit on your web usage, they won’t be using your browser history to do it. Please read the rules, the FAQand search before posting. Plugging the cylinders is probably unnecessary. Once the bath is at temperature, you’re ready to work.

Deionized water is ideal, but since most of you probably don’t have a deionizer handy, your garden hose brownekls do the job too.

Common errors include not degreasing well enough, not media blasting well enough, and being dumb. Don’t know why, it just parerizing I’ll assume you didn’t fuck up though. You’re not really adding much to the surface of the part since it’s not really a coating. Wear gloves for this whole step, or the boogie man will get you.


It is definitely my preferred way to finish gun parts. It wears in nicely.

No, you can’t sue me. This drying step is especially crucial, because next comes media blasting and you don’t want moisture in your blasting cabinet or media. No politics except in the Bi-weekly politics threads No posting personal parkeriznig doxxing. Just don’t use sandbox sand.

If there was no previous finish, you mightI repeat might be able to get away with skipping this step. I’ve played around with Parkerizing a little bit in my years, and I’ve found a few additives for “enhancing” the solution parkerizinb adding random chunks of iron.

You may not get a consistent finish. I think they’d look pretty sweet park’d. Don’t use an inline oil setup, do use an inline moisture filter setup. WD is what they told us to use at a recent build party, and we left it on for 24h before wiping off then coating in actual oil.

As usual, you are correct.

Ten Easy Steps to Parkerizing Your Gun Parts at Home : guns

It’s not that I don’t think I’m capable. IMO once you buy all these items its going to be as much if not more than paying someone to do it. Anything that can reach at least F and maintain a consistent temperature will work I have a friend that does ceramics. EFnet – Gunnit Meet Ups: It’s not so bad.

Add Iron Toss some scrap iron, iron chips, or steel wool into the basin. When you’re adding solution, pour slowly and don’t splash it all over yourself.


I didn’t feel it necessary to go that in depth also I’m lazy and didn’t want to so I’m leaving this part off unless there’s demand for it. Plus, I get to pretend I’m a chemist for an hour or so, but to be honest parking parts is more analogous to baking a cake. Don’t half-ass it, you don’t want any blasting media left over on the part. Strip all parts from the frame. When I finally decided to park it I did not notice any real difference as far as the internal dimensions of the rails or the fitment of the gun as a whole.

Some people like to do things themselves though. Heat to between and F. Links to PDF files are allowed but must carry a warning. It was even easier than I thought.

The hunt is on, anyway. Violating the following rules parkeriznig result in post removal and possibly a ban: It’s decent for cleaning up light rust too.

Add Phosphate Solution Add your phosphate solution to the correct proportion.


Keep your finger off the trigger until your sights are on the target. All posts must have a descriptive title. I’ll have to parkedizing her kiln. I had to refresh myself. Part Prep In this step, make sure you plug anything that isn’t going to be phosphated. I would remove the barrel, but at minimum definitely plug it. Plus it keeps your history separate in case they do an web usage audit.