Blue White Red has ratings and 11 reviews. Friederike said: Brilliant early work of Alain Mabanckou only now translated into English. Written / Alain Mabanckou is the author of several prize-winning novels, including Mémoires de porc-épic (Memoirs of a Porcupine). Blue White Red is. Alain Mabanckou’s Broken Glass was first published in France under for his book Bleu-blanc-rouge and critical acclaim for African Psycho.

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His lifestyle bankrolled my dreams. Blue White Red by Alain Mabanckou.

Critics and scholars would perpetuate their own position that African literature was overly explanatory, anthropological, and only a thinly veiled fictionalization of the lived African world by focusing their attention on works that portrayed Africa as suspended between the poles of suffering and resilience, concerned primarily with survival.

The only thing is that it’s the middle of winter there right now, you know, winter is the season when the trees are in mourning, the birds are few and far between, the streets trail sadness, and even the whites themselves are stuffed into warm, heavy clothing. This tale of wild adventure reveals the dashed hopes of Africans living between worlds.

It was a common wish; there was nothing special about that wish. The numbskulls who challenged the ingrained order of these customs watched their own projects drag on for ages. You have to consume a lot of hot drinks and not stick your nose outside. I’m sure that our lifelines are crossed. You stayed for one week in a boarding school that accepted only the best students, or those whose parents knew a village leader or a white man.

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One day, he finally flew into a rage and went from house to house to complain and utter threats about this behavior, which, in his opinion, was a deliberate plot to keep him from finishing the construction of the most beautiful villa in the neighborhood. Moki is there, his gaze turned upward toward the sky. Mabanckou combines his convincing depiction of people and scenarios with a deep understanding of and concern for the underlying socio-political tensions and challenges that young people have faced not only in his home country but across Africa in the early years of independence – and to some degree in many places still today.

Having read Mabanckou in French, I know the challenges she must have faced. Everything happens so fast. Not one minute earlier.

Gouge Submit to Film Festivals. The outcome of this conference included a plan for a new organization of the French colonies in black Africa. There is another group of emigrants, the Peasantsthose who mmabanckou in the provinces in France, without any of the glamour or the features of a dandy.

Presidential candidacies are serious business in the village. From that time on, he wore gray trousers made of virgin wool, well-pressed with sharp pleats. Oct 25, Maya rated it really liked it. And that is what he does, mostly, in what follows.

Blue White Red

Together, the two take wing fo This tale of wild adventure reveals the dashed hopes of Africans living between worlds. My parents would be ruined for no good reason by contributing to an adventure like that. Brilliant early work of Alain Mabanckou only now translated into English.

Affiliate Program Join our affiliate program and earn commissions by linking to our titles on your site! He’s talking to me. If I were only his double? I was used to living with my parents.


Blue White Red by Alain Mabanckou

Rather uniquely – and what makes reading and translating his work from the original French so challenging – he is an innovator of language and idiom, mixing colloquialisms and images with traditional French French-French.

An infectious attraction to a world that appears easy and full of fun, where young men can afford the latest fashion in clothes, perfumes, hairstyles and in skin-lightening treatments. Houses with lighting and access to drinking water were rare. Don’t dormir debout —sleep on your feet, that’s his expression. Above all, leaving means being able to fly with your own wings.

Men like him, they only come once a century. Not for little kids. He was capable of reciting to the town council the names of all the kings and presidents in order from the Second Empire of Napoleon III up to the present, without faltering.

It might be too late afterward. That protected the family from utter destitution. Something else was needed to convince the influential people in the neighborhood. Mothers and fathers brought food to their children.


Waiting around is a bad sign. Indeed, there are even centuries when fate stockpiles its reserves of great men. What’s more, the Earth continued to rotate. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. We were allowed to dream. Roman French Edition Paperback.