Algarve BirdWatching tours, Portugals Algarve, Bird Watching Holidays in the perfect location for Bird Watching Tours in Algarve. Guided Birdwatching in South Portugal Guided Birdwatching Tours and Nature Walks in the Algarve, South Portugal and Andalusia. Birds & Nature offers pre-scheduled group tours in Portugal and Spain (small groups up to seven participants) and to other countries, for which you can make a .

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Algarve Birdwatching | Bird Hotspots

This website is a tribute to the wildlife of the Algarve and, we hope, a way of helping more visitors to see and enjoy the side of the Algarve which we have come to know and love above all others. Bird species If you would ike more information about which marine birds can be found in Portugal, check out the following publication. In the north of Portugal the landscape features fine countryside areas with its rolling hills, deep valleys, impressive slopes of the Port terraced vineyards and sheltering villages that still preserve the old community ways.

Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Little Owls were also perched out in birdwatchjng open. He knows almost everyone in the Algarve birdwatching community, is happy to share his knowledge on birdwatching in the Algarve and is known for his contributions on the biggest birdwatching forum on the internet.

Villa Casa Pinheiro 4 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, sleeps 8 appeals to people looking for a luxurious and relaxing holiday in the Algarve and who enjoy peace, beauty and algare. Several dainty storm petrels were flicking delicately over the waves, amazing for a bird no bigger than a house martin, up to 40 Mediterranean gulls joined the feeding frenzy while the area was constantly patrolled by at least 10 altarve skuas looking for an easy meal….

I saw the only Great-Spotted Cuckoo of the trip, a stark contrast to previous years when they have been a noisy and obvious part of the scene here.

Best Birding sites

The region is best known by its beautiful white sand beaches and warm weather. All this protected site area corresponds to a coastal lagoon that extends along 60 km 38 miles with a huge diversity of habitats. The nature reserve is very rich in bird life and other wildlife, being the crossing point for migratory birds traveling between Africa and Europe….

Here the birdwathcing can observe a wide variety of species of Mediterranean birds, some of them among the rarest bridwatching more emblematic specimens of the Iberian Peninsula.

Web development by Dengun. You’ll be accompanied by a professional guide birdwattching will drive you to the best spots and give you full attention. From our base in Tavira in the Eastern Algarve we offer guiding services to birdwatchers and bird photographers visiting Southern Portugal….


The estuary is the most important Portuguese wetland area and one of the most important ones in Europe. Birdwatcjing and wildlife in general are strongly protected by law and not put in danger by local people, who in general have a high conscience about the preservation of natural species. Thijs Valkenburg was born to Dutch parents in Silves, Algarve and gained his passion for birds from an early age.

Birdwatching in the Algarve

Have special tours that tell the story behind the scenery! Our tours are carefully designed by knowledgeable professional guides, alharve will provide you cherry picked birding sites, far from the crowded touristic sites, and way off the beaten track! Find secret places and special moments off the beaten path and discover the areas others do not know about. Watching along algrve Algarve coast is focused on the Ria Formosa Reserve and the salt pans of Castro Marim, bordering the Guadiana River, which marks the border with Spain.

The reed-beds of the site and salt pans at Tavira are important for several nesting water-bird species, as well as for large numbers of migrating Passerines during both autumn and spring migration. The Quinta da Saudade is a small British-run estate of privately-owned villas occupying approximately twenty-four acres about five miles west of Albufeira. The open, ample landscape is peppered with cork-oaks or olive trees that have withstood the ravages of time.

The Ria Formosa Now a UN recognised nature reserve stretching from west of Faro to the Ilha de Tavira in the east, is important for numerous water-birds, especially beach-nesting Charadrius alexandrinus and Sterna albifrons and for wintering waders and duck. The “Barrocal” area marks the transition between the coast and the mountains, consisting of limestone and schist. Algarve Birders Tour Operator From our base in Tavira in the Eastern Algarve we offer guiding services to birdwatchers and bird photographers visiting Southern Portugal….

We can bring you in close contact with all the birdlife of this region — as well as its unique habitats and other wildlife.

Birdwatching tours in Algarve: Ria Formosa – Faro – Formosamar

Its landscape varies from mountains and plains, hidden valleys and meadows, extensive pine forests and groves, rocky coasts and beaches, estuaries, river deltas and lagoons.

Bridwatching is an extraordinary site for bird watching rare species in Portugal. Either way, we’ll make sure you have an unforgettable experience, with no time consuming search for places to stay, no research on the best birding sites – our tours are complete and most of all perfectly thought through and organised! Some may have been set already.


It is not necessary to be an experienced birder – all you need is enthusiasm!

Many bird species make these areas their home or use them in their migration routes. Just 20 minutes from Faro Airport on the outskirts of the unspoiled historic old village of Moncarapacho, is the ideal base for a bird watching break….

Additionally, the nature rich Sagres peninsular and the fabulous steppic habitats of the Baixo Alentejo are within easy reach, bringing some of the best birding in the Iberian Peninsula. Quintassential occupies an acre of hilltop 15 minutes from Faro International Airport and the coast. The north is rich in scenarios that allow direct contact with nature and tranquility. The Algarve is located at Europe’s westernmost tip, in the south of Portugal.

Our aim is to take bird lovers and birding enthusiasts on outings to see as many birds as possible on a day tour or half-day tour. We were treated to great views of storm petrels and a Leach’s petrel but the star bird was a rare Wilson’s petrel. More specifically, you can easily find the following bird species in the Algarve: NP Ria Formosa Information Satellite View The dunes, the sand banks, the canals and the marshes run along the undefined line of the horizon, guaranteeing the Formosa Estuary in the Algarve its role as one of the most important points in the network of wetlands that links Europe and sub-Saharan Africa….

They have always been linked to outdoor activities such as diving, hiking, kayaking and bird observation.

We pride ourselves in the personal attention we give in all aspects of tour planning, route design, and birdwattching service we give to all our clients. We select hotels and restaurants with the environment in mind, often locally owned, hiring regional staff, and using local products, We prioritise responsible travel all the way, we are committed to leaving a light footprint on the places we algave.

With so many bird species visible throughout the year, you may find that deciding where to go on your birding holiday to the Algarve may be a bit overwhelming.

You will be surprised at how inexpensive our tours are!