Bhartṛhari is a Sanskrit writer to whom are normally ascribed two influential Sanskrit texts: Bhartrihari was long believed to have lived in the seventh century CE, but according consisting of three thematic compilations on shringara, vairagya and niti (loosely: love, dispassion and moral conduct) of hundred verses each. NITI SHATAKAM of Bhartrihari 1.I bow to God, the self enlightened, the peaceful, free from the bonds of space and time, the infinite, the pure co. Meanwhile he took generic interest in affairs of his state and during this time wrote Niti Shataka. Later on, it is believed that, he resigned from.

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It is the lord of lords.

But, people errorneously believe that they are pleasures. What does she wish? He addresses the greed that it only multiplies and does not get satiated.

Is the mighty ocean ever stirred up by the gambols of a little fish? Such according to the wise are the marks of a worthy friend. The explanation for this stanza may be supplied from the fable which represents Indra as cutting off the wings of the mountains. Ordinarily, he lives in a graveyard and begs food using a skull. Snakes and moon are his jewels. He is the learned bhargrihari. Nights recur after Days.


Setting Forth the States of Honour. He did not acquire the skills of warfare, particularly fencing to kill the enemies compared to elephants and be known throughout the world. His words become broken. Such were our feelings to one another. Vide Mti ataka, gloka 2.

Pairdgya Sataka, slokas 5 and Removes heaps of misery. The Creator gave intellect to humans. The great ascetics declare that a life passed as a mendicant is not miserable ; for the mendicant has bhartrihhari fear of loss; he has no envy, pride, or arrogance; he is free from the mass of evils which beset mankind ; he gains his food day by day without difficulty.

What sin can be worse than backbiting? It is a valuable to be carefully guarded, for wisdom gains food, glory and neetj.

Bhartṛhari – Wikipedia

It even falls at the feet of the bread-giver. Dhruva, ” the pole-star,” that which is fixed or permanent.

We dig wells, lakes and build gardens around the mansions of desires and engage ourselves in a fruitless play. Scholar — Humility and modesty. If he has anger in his heart, what further enemy need he fear? Kaama Fulfil desire and lust as a householder. Now itself, I shall leave.

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Bhartrihari’s Wisdom: Niti Shataka

Kinchid-jna, ” knowing somewhat,” is explained by Telang to refer not to the speaker’s estimate of himself at the time of his ” blindness,” but to the view he takes of himself after his ” intoxication ” has left him. The man who neither gives nor spends has yet the third way open to him.

What can we do but resort to the feet of Siva? People who are embellished with above qualities are the pillars of this society. Both elephants and serpents get caught and confined.

Ordinary persons help others, only when such help does not hurt their own programs. The poet lists out: His food is only by begging.

Still, a man must thoroughly consider anything before doing it. Vairagya Satakam is ‘reflective’ and ‘remoreseful’. Seers of Vedas held Power ne.

It attacks only the sun and the moon, which is specially round and bright on a full moon night. The fame I had amongst people also has ceased.