This presentation has unquestionably achieved legendary status. It is an effect so impossible that it has had the best brains in magic scratching. From what I’ve read, Berglas perfomed the trick for other magicians who were stunned. The man performing the trick is Berglas’s best friend. The big hardcover book that reveals the innermost secrets of the card miracles performed by the legendary David Berglas for 60 years, written by magic’s most.

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Throw in a false shuffle and you’ve got yourself a magic show! In fact David bergglas showed it to me and was surprised by my lack of reaction. Not only could one or two of the cards be near the top or bottom of the pack but they could be located at or near the centre.

Jun 20, Messages: I then went on to effecf card effect and probably. He wants the spectator to grip the pack effecf its long sides, that way they are more likely to cut to the bridge. Close examination of his videotaped performances proves him to be a highly skilled and well practiced card manipulator of the traditional sort. If I could persuade myself to raise my voice sufficiently to be distinctly audible I might have a go at performing myself.

Let’s imagine that the selection is one card further down than it ought to be but David knows that a Joker lies somewhere above it. Retrieved from ” https: He motioned me into his study and pointed to a deck of cards on his desk. Do you already have an account? The number seven is mentioned here purely as an example of a psychologically favoured number that most magicians are familiar with. They were driving around London, with David at the wheel, when he asked Barrie to name a card.


Berglas explained that he was only 19 but could meet all the other qualifications.

As a fan of Jazz music, this is a very similar style based off improvisational techniques. Feel free to contact us. The device which enables the NC effect is, in my opinion, superior to sleight-of-hand, no matter how skilled an operator may be. He asked them to “Give me a number between one and eleven.

What he wouldn’t do is discard one and include the other.

Knowing about the “any card at any number” Berglas effect. They will all fail. Academy of Magical Arts Masters Fellowship. Let’s imagine that a spectator calls out the Eight of Clubs and David knows that it happens to be eight cards down from the top of the pack. Only a percentage of the performances can fulfill all four restrictions.

In any event I have never thought the trick deserved all the hype it has attracted. As for the former, it is proclaimed that there are four pre-requisites that berglaw the presentation: Good audience management increases the impossibility considerably.

David Berglas – Wikipedia

Read the book ” Moonwalking with Einstein. More importantly, the bridge means that David is no longer thinking in terms of one deck of fifty-four cards. Aug 14, 1. None of this is easy. Imagine that the named card is the twelfth card down from the bridge and that twelve is indeed the number that has been called. His weekly broadcasts included sensational stunts, including hanging a box over Regent Street, London for a whole week. If you’re a Dan and Dave fanboy move monkey Which is awesomethis book isn’t for you.

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Magic Tricks

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. It makes no sense. But let’s say that the card does not already lie at the chosen number. It’s going to be your Eight, the Eight of Clubs. Some of them are so ambitious that I might never reach the construction befglas, let alone the implementing.

‘The Berglas Effect’: A Likely Answer | jkeyes

I love the stuff in there, but I wish there was a little bit more. In Marc Pauls 1st presentation in the video, the person sitting in middle i am not aware of his name though who counts the cards, looks a lot less-impressed by the trick than the other spectators.

GalteethAug 14, Plus its a television show after all. The number seven is merely an example. You will need to count down six cards and then turn over the next card to reveal the selection. Including the two jokers there are fifty-four cards in this pack, so the forty-second card is only twelve from the bottom.

Later on the tape, David performed the effect for Martin Breese who on naming the Jack of Clubs and calling for the number nineteen was amazed to find the card at that very number.