BCT. Uniden’s analog-only portable Trunktracker scanner with Dynamic Programming Your Uniden Scanner · · BCT Owner’s Manual. ARC Software User Manual 3. 1: INTRODUCTION: ARC is a Windows software package for easy programming and controlling the Uniden BCT. Uniden BTT Scanner Manual. BCT Channel Scanner with Close Call and TrunkTracker III. The Uniden BC T Handheld Scanner features .

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The scanner then prompts you to enter or scroll to the desired tone.


When you turn on the Priority feature, the channel s set for priority will be scanned every 2 seconds. The programming cord is for a serial port.

It has a very bright display and the sound quality is great for a ‘mini’ scanner.

For example, you can enter “Dallas Police” or “Ama- teur Radio” here. Before installing batteries, set the switch in the battery compartment to match the type of batteries you will use. If no systems are programmed, ‘ No System Stored ‘ appears. Press Scan to exit or Menu to return. When the scanner finds an active transmission, it checks to see if the frequency has already been stored in the system ‘ Memory Check ‘ in the display.

If you have a single system or group you want to turn on or off once and a while, program it to its own quick key. This scanner is everything people say it is. To change search direction or continue searchingturn the scroll control back or forward.


Uniden BC246T User Manual

If the transfer did not work, ‘ Error ‘ appears on the master scanner. Set Quick Key assigns a system to a quick key and will be scanned when the key is turned on. You can assign as many systems you want to a system quick key and as many groups you want to a group manua, key.

Then I will nest my groups ex: Using Rechargeable Batteries You can also use two manuak batteries to power your scanner.

Manually Programming Frequencies or IDs. At ‘ Select Group ‘ scroll to the group you want to lock or unlock. Collecting Information Collecting Information Getting your scanner programmed and kanual takes a few steps.

Each alert contains information about the type and severity of the alert, as well as the specific geographic locations affected by the alert. Scroll to ‘ Rvw ID: The default setting is AFS. The first digit in a FIPS code identifies the county subdivision, the next two digits identify the state, and the last three digits identify the county or parish. I thought it was going to be an emergency backup.

Uniden BC246T Owner’s Manual

Small radio, small price and a big performer! Each repeater has its own controller, and all of these controllers are synchronized together. Page 30 Before installing batteries, set the switch in the battery compartment to match the type bc26t batteries you will use. No memory space is wasted.


20 Most Recent Uniden BCT Handheld Scanner Questions & Answers – Fixya

Pri appears in the display when you select this mode. I’ve spent more money on scanners of lesser quality. To enter a decimal pointpress No. Set up priority options. One thing to remember is that IDs go into channels also no more scan lists.

The scanner’s menu lets you select options that let you set up and use the scanner. Page The Product should be shipped freight prepaid, by traceable means, or delivered, to warrantor at: Posted on Jul 14, Be the first to answer.

If you use a text tag for every channel, total channels are reduced from is typical. To hold on a specific ID in the current system Hold on the system. Also, there is little useful in the way of “basics” about setup. Other than the antenna, you have no control over these factors, but they explain why performance might vary by both location and time.

Scroll to the desired DCS code you want present with the signal. Lets you lock out a selected channel or skip a specified frequency. Set End Code Motorola only. Then see Creating Groups.

Nonethe scanner does not alert. Press Menu to return to ‘ Select Channel ‘.