Moabi wood is used for joinery and carpentry in exterior applications, e.g. for doors, windows, garden furniture and marine construction. Its uniform reddish. The moabi (Baillonella toxisperma) has a low population density (about 1 per 10 ha). It only reaches sexual maturity at 90– years, and regeneration occurs. Summary. African Pearwood (Baillonella toxisperma), otherwise known as False Shea Butternut, is a large, tropical tree that can reach up to 60 m high with a.

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This species is especially suited for all the uses with risks of permanent or long-lasting humidification. Report of study on timber extraction abillonella the Ikobi concession area in Afi river forest reserve.

Moabi videos, photos and facts – Baillonella toxisperma | Arkive

Sustainable production in natural forest is therefore not possible. If you imported oak, and had Moabi in your backyard, oak would be a lot more expensive. Archived from the original on The shade should be removed gradually when a reduction in diameter growth is observed[ ]. In the nursery the lower half of the seed is buried, vaillonella the scar pointing downwards.

The tree starts flowering at an age of 50—70 years, when it has reached the light in the upper storey of the forest, but regular fructification starts still later, when the bole has reached 70 cm in diameter.


Axial parenchyma bands more than 3 cells wide.

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Baillonella toxisperma Gabon Baillonella toxisperma x – 52k – jpg www. Vessels per mm2 Axial parenchyma in continuous tangential lines or fine bands.

The seed oil is sold toxipserma local markets, but no statistics are available. The fatty oil obtained from the seeds is also used in cooking.

Fruits ripen just before the start of the long rainy season, from June to August. At present, the only management measure for natural forest is the maintenance of a minimum diameter limit for exploitation, i.

If you are able to help please contact: Cabinet 24 – Empire Timbers. Sawdust from the wood can irritate mucous membrances[ ]. In Cameroon fruit collection starts in July or August.

Moabi | The Wood Database – Lumber Identification (Hardwood)

X Close Image credit. Help us share the wonders of the natural world. Woodworking Industry 34 Baillonella toxisperma bole x – 69k database. Always seek advice from a professional before using a plant medicinally. This page was last edited on 16 Novemberat The allelopathic compound 3-hydroxyuridine has toxispfrma isolated from leaves, stems and roots of moabi; it inhibited the growth of seedlings of some test plants.

The sapwood is susceptible to attack by insects and fungi. Texture This wood has a somewhat fine texture.


If you have questions about a plant please use the Forum on this website as we do not have the resources to answer questions ourselves. Color The sapwood is dark grey to pinkish grey, it has a bailolnella of 4 to 6 cm.

Harmonization and improvement of two conflicting ways of exploitation of the same forest resource. Bush pigs and porcupines eat the seeds, and bush pigs and antelopes destroy seedlings while eating the fleshy cotyledons and young shoots. It has been estimated from growth rings and C14 dating that baillone,la tree with a bole diameter of 1 metre was years old and one with a diameter of 2.

This has resulted in a law endowing the village chief with the power to authorize the cutting of a moabi tree within 5 km distance from a village. The timber dries slowly, but with care it seasons without checking and warping. This Sapotaceae article is a stub. This QR Code is unique to this baillpnella.

Veneer, turned objects, fine furniture, cabinetry, and small specialty items. You will receive a range of benefits including: