Aubrey Menen’s place in the Indian English literary canon has largely been forgotten. Even in the rare, flattering mention, he’s described as a. Books by AUBREY MENEN. THE RAMA YANA. DEAD MAN IN THE SILVER MARKET. THE DUKE OF GALLODORO. THE BACKWARD BRIDE. Aubrey Menen’s Rama Retold was the first book to be banned in independent Ramayan scholars like C. Rajagopalachari dismissed Menen’s.

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We must put up with her. The space within the heart: At his best, Menen is a Socratic gadfly, biting a large and lazy horse in the hiney, getting some much-needed movement. Intrigued by the somewhat dangerous but respectful stranger, twice more she meets him in secret.

At this, Sita breaks down weeps bitterly. Kathryn rated it liked it Jul 16, Interestingly, it is available here – https: The parables that are interspersed in between are also very relevant in today’s times. Menem the introduction, Menen explains that she is trying to bring the story back to what she believes that Valmiki originally wrote, because the story has been changed so much menne time by the Brahmins of India, menrn I feel like her interpretation of the story is somewhat lacking.

This is NOT a book for children or for people who are new to Hinduism. Mwnen is the author of The Ivory Throne: Even in the rare, flattering mention, he’s described as a satirist — a term the literary hegemons assign to anyone who happens to be funny while they’re being serious.

At some juncture you read it only because you want to show off a rebellion to conformation -especially since the book is banned for a bit. Did she know before she went to Ravana, that the bargain would be acceptable to him? Hardcoverpages.

Tracy rated it liked it Mar 13, For example, the original Ramayana is supposed to be in an era called Satyug. Gourab rated it really liked it Aug 24, If read as a satire, it is an enjoyable read with plenty of thought-provoking points throughout. Showing of 11 reviews. The satire is insightful and witty, even if one doesn’t always agree with Menen’s perspective as I, in places, do not. This article needs additional citations for verification. Amazon Drive Cloud storage from Amazon. Thanks for telling us about the problem.


In all, I think I like the sub-plots and the obvious rebellion to the religious narratives – however, its just only one of those books which would not stretch too deep into your minds but leave you with just a smirk! Retrieved from ” https: But eventually, through Luxman’s intervention, the couple reconcile and return to Ayoda.

Menen clearly identified a literary forebear in what he perceived was a skeptical Valmiki,who’s physical characteristics “high forehead, a narrow face, and a long nose dividing large eyes that were full of intelligence” aren’t too far a departure from Menen’s own visage.

The Indo-Irish author Aubrey Menen, on the other hand, retells the epic in a modern and accessible form that distills it all down to mostly just comedy, while getting rid of such supernatural effects as heroic monkeys and evil demons.

So, his indecision or maybe my incomprehension left the ends open – these philosophical trysts between the author and the subject in a state of ambiguity. Though all the critical elements of the story are present — Dasharatha and his three queens, Manthara’s machinations, Rama’s exile, Sita’s abduction to Lanka, the war, and Rama’s triumphal return to Ayodhya — Menen’s menem is irreverent and satirical.

Aubrey Menen – Wikipedia

raayana Naturally, more correct Ramayan scholars like C. The reason I picked up this book was that Aubrey Menen, an Irish-Indian satirist, used to live until his death in in Trivandrum, the city where I grew up. Menen’s observations certainly come from being extremely well read but there’s a tough, reasonable sense of morality that takes primacy over any bookish learning.

This humanizes Sita, though her motives are still not entirely clear. For instance, all the parts about the gods and goddesses are removed from the storyline, making is a fully human st The Ramayana is one of the oldest novels ever written, and quite possibly the oldest love story. He is a master of the stealthily placed landmine: It is a great and engaging story even today, and I really enjoy it.


Bored to tears, Sita escapes for long walks in the forest. Did she really mean to kill herself.

The Ramayana as told by Aubrey Menen

The reunion with Sita is tense and Rama cannot bring himself to forgive her. Return ramaayna Book Page. Yes, the title is misleading and inconsiderate. The book focuses largely on the teachings of Valmiki.

The four side stories are interesting tales in themselves. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. One other point that I really appreciate in this version is the author giving Sita a stronger role.

This vague middle ground that Menen straddles stems from the fact that his writings eschew any discernible ideology, even that hallowed literary ideal of seriousness. It was much less fanciful than other version I have read or am familiar with.

If you are looking for an English version of the Ramayana with a little more substance, I would suggest looking elsewhere.

At the time the book was published inno side would have the iconoclast. They meet, and he falls in love with her. It is extremely difficult to review impartially with such baggage about the story and the book. However, I think that I would like to read a version that is closer to the ramqyana epic written by Valmiki. There she chances upon Ravana, the ruler of a small frontier state in the wilderness, but also a bandit and raider.