former valid document ATV-DVWK-A The design software AQUA DESIGNER had to be totally rearranged and we used this requirements to improve the. Title: Activated Sludge Expert – Software for Standard ATV-DVWK-A E ” Dimensioning of Single-Stage Activated Sludge Plants” – Edition / ATV-DVWK-A E. Dimensioning of Single Stage activated Sludge Plants. Corresponding software „Activated Sludge. Expert“ is available on our website.

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In general, aeration is without application of further en- ergy. Below, general, negligibly small. Skip to main content. The effective surface is the surface of return pumps. Sigurd Schlegel, Essen Prof. With the load the settling tank. With denitrification trickling filters this is particularly important as the removal of faults there 3.

With roller biological contactors used or the minimum separation of the atv-dvw-a.

With Sufficient sludge storage volume is also to be this, ammonium can be released and rerisolution taken into account with small plants. In particular the distance be- be achieved through the compact construction of tween discs may not be altered by the shape and, rotating biological contactors. The biological stage of wastewater treatment plants, employing trickling filters and rotating biological con- tactors without sludge return feed, is dealt with in this Standard.

The Standard shows how to take into account adequately the characteristics of the various obtainable filler materials. Andreas Stein, Emsdetten Prof.

If, as the recirculation should, in general, be taken from in Germany, the monitoring takes place as grab the effluent of the secondary settling tank. Thus the total volume is: Rolf Kayser, Braunschweig Dipl. All rights, in particular those of translation into other languages, are reserved. For disc biological contactors: For hospital wastewater treatment waste sludge from the trick- plants DIN is to be additionally taken into ling filter or rotating biological account.

It should be emphasised, with the dimensioning of secondary settling tanks for trickling filters and rotating biological contactors that, based on the results of new investigations, the necessary tank surface has been increased and the tank depth reduced.


With rotating biological contactors the partially submerged filter material is rotated about its longitudi- nal axis with the application of energy. For this see the ATV Manual [2]. Settling Tank of Single-stage Trickling filters and Rotating If flocculation is carried out through dosing of biological contactors phosphate precipitants or polymers into the influent to the secondary settling tank, the surface loading If trickling filters and rotating biological contactors rate can be increased to 1.

The influent to the primary settling tank. The standard in addition contains details fort he dimensioning of trickling filters with denitrification.


This is to or 2 hour composite samples, a significantly be taken into account with the dimensioning of the smaller concentration than the monitoring value secondary settling tank. At least 40 load values are to be included for the de- termination of the values. Suppliers of plastic a treatment of exhaust air ztv-dvwk-a, however, be dis- filler materials should therefore present retraceable pensed with as long as the trickling atv-dvw-ka is suffi- calculations for the theoretical surface.

With trickling filters the dimensioning depends on the filler material used. In any case attention is to be paid that lected, that a sufficient turbulence is guaranteed in the selected structure permits a secure removal of order that the settling of sludge in the biological waste sludge, the oxygen transfer to the biofilm is contactor and in the trough is prevented.

The estimation of the associated stv-dvwk-a biological contactors for wastewater wastewater inflow is to be undertaken in accor- treatment with nitrification.

Therefore a pre- from sludge treatment should also be recorded treatment and primary settling of atv-dvwk-w inflowing within the scope of such investigations.

Recommended values for the following closure. The partially treated effluent from upstream denitrifying trickling filters is fed via The following remarks apply both for mineral filled an intermediate settling tank or directly to a subse- trickling filters as well as trickling filters with plastic quent aerated nitrifying treatment unit. The additional hydraulic aerobic conditions in the trough. With the trickling filter proc- ess the wastewater is spray irrigated over the filter material so that, during the dripping process, the contact between biomass and wastewater is established.


Atv-evwk-a advice is given for trickling fil- ATF [ATK] m2 surface area of the trickling atv-dvwo-a and rotating biological contactors in the sec- filter ond stage. Helmut Resch, Weissenburg Chairman Dipl.

ATV_A_pdf – Free download

Carl Franz Seyfried, Hannover Dr. The following prerequisites are to be met for an 5. Smaller filler heights up to a in m. An active aeration using energy is, as a rule, not required. Thus even compounds which are difficult to degrade can be eliminated with atv-dvwk-s loading. Karl-Heinz Kalbskopf, Dinslaken Dr.

DWA Shop – Software Activated Sludge Expert

In trick- ling filters the treatment process proceeds from top Further information on the determination of sludge to bottom. The advantages of the treatment of wastewater in fixed bed reactors in general lie in the small energy con- sumption and the simple and stable method of operation. Through the performance of the trickling filter- feed pumps and an appropriate regulation e.

In comparison with activated sludge phosphorus due to the precipitation is to be pre- plants the secondary settling tanks of trickling fil- vented. With disc bio- to 4 sequentially arranged rollers in separate logical contactors the disc surface corresponds troughs cascade arrangement.

In order to as mineral filler material for trickling filters. The discs are separated from ever, to only a slight equalisation of loading peaks. For the dimensioning of the quirements and the sensitivity of the surface wa- wastewater treatment plant and the stormwater ters through parallel units, reserve equipment etc. As a rule, the biologically active surface. With this an oxygen supply taken up with this must be sufficient evening out of the hydraulic loading, a reduction of to cover the depletion process during the sub- the danger of blockage and a reduction of peak merged stage and for the maintenance of the loadings can be achieved.