ASTM E Tolerances have been converted from avoirdupois to metric and rounded to two significant figures. Nominal Size. Class 0. Class 1. Class 2. services. The weight portfolio covers both OIML and ASTM weights from ASTM weights are available in classes 1 – 6 matching requirements of ASTM E International Organization of. Legal Metrology Recommendation R Troemner UltraClass Series. ANSI/ASTM E NIST Handbooks**. Weight. Class. E0*.

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The lifting knob is specifically designed for use with forceps, tweezers or some other lifting device. Physical characteristics shall be based on construction, design, surface area, materials, magnetism, density, surface finish, weight adjustment, and marking. Cast iron cannot have a susceptibility specification of any real value. Historical Version s – view previous versions of standard Work Item s – proposed revisions of this standard Translated Version s: The Sheet Metal Weights come standard with the weight products.

Class 2 weights can be used to calibrate weighing instruments for important commercial transactions like gold and precious stones.

Troemner 7008-00 Alloy 8 Metric Stainless Steel ANSI/ASTM E617 Class 0, 20 kg

Periods shall not be used with abbreviations in marking weights. The outer diameter, top and bottom surface roughness must meet Table 6. Minimum requirements for the number of weighing cycles are in Table Metrological traceability requires an established calibration hierarchy. Weights made of wire or too small to be marked shall not be marked but should be identifiable awtm their shape or number of bends. Otherwise, due to their one-piece design, Class 0 weights will not maintain their measured value within the tolerance class.

This uncertainty contribution is astk, if it is known from previous interchanging measurements with weights of the same nominal value. Users of this standard are expressly advised that determination of the validity of any such patent rights, and the risk of infringement of such rights, are entirely their own responsibility.


ASTM E – Free Download PDF

Please copy and paste this embed script to where you want to embed Embed Script. For reference standards, stability and information about aztm values of the weights is more important than the closeness of the values to nominal.

Abbreviations are shown in Appendix X2. The surface requirements shall aztm met at the end of the adjustment process. The shape of weights smaller than 1 mg shall be discussed and verified with the customer.

Troemner weight sets where the largest weight is g and lower are supplied in xstm, durable polypropylene cases with a compartment for each weight within the case. They can also be used to calibrate Class 3 weights.

Metrological and Technical Requirements 2. Sheet metal weights mg and below are always one-piece construction. These maximum permissible errors apply to conventional mass values.

These weights are designed for your most demanding weighing applications. It is the finest grade of stainless steel available and is similar to material originally specified in the manufacture of state primary standards. Both sheet metal and wire weights shall be free of cracks such as may be formed from bending.

Corners and edges are smooth. This may be interpreted as an eccentric loading error and the corresponding uncertainty should be estimated using Eq The magnetization of a body generates an inhomogeneous magnetic field in space and thus may produce magnetic forces on other r617.

Referenced Documents purchase separately The documents listed below are referenced within the subject standard but are not provided as part of the asmt.

Each weight except Class 0 weights is marked with its nominal value. The letter R is indicative of the type ast, assessed profile, in this case R for roughness profile.

Your comments will receive careful consideration at a meeting of the responsible technical committee, which you may attend. In most cases, the uncertainty contribution uE is already covered by the uncertainty uw of the weighing process and may be neglected. If the sensitivity is not constant with time, temperature and load, its variation must be included in the uncertainty.


Last previous edition approved in as E — 97 When calibrating class00 and 0 weights, it is recommended to perform several test measurements at different times to ensure that there is enough information about the uncertainty at the time of the measurement.

At sea level the density of air may be assumed to be 1. Thank you for interesting in our services. The assessed profile of a sample can be in terms of different profile types: As lower precision of measurement is required, so the range of density is broadened. Negative corrections indicate that the weight embodies less mass than is indicated by the assigned nominal value.

ASTM E – 18 Standard Specification for Laboratory Weights and Precision Mass Standards

For weights larger than g, a velvet lined compartment for each weight exists within the wood case. Troemner supplies appropriate lifting devices such as forceps, gloves, and other lifting forks sufficient to handle every weight in the set.

Weights to be used with 8 Download From http: Work Item s – proposed revisions of this standard. Troemner Calibration Weights are available in either one-piece or two-piece construction.

Class 0 weights are intended to be used in metrology laboratories where the stability of the environment and careful handling are assured. The standard deviation can also be calculated as described in 9.

Weights mg and below are made of sheet metal and are one-piece construction with one side turned up to make them easy to handle with forceps.

ASTM E617-13

The body of the weight is one piece and the knob of the weight is the second piece. JCGM and supplements. Nominal value of weights mg and below are determined by their shape as listed in the table below: