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Lamello grooving blade

PL Ref legal event code: According to another advantageous characteristic, the large base extends beyond the dihedron-shaped connecting portion of a width corresponding to the width of the bearing surface of the lamsllo formed in the edge of the panels. Indeed, the recess is a assemglage portion bordering the inner side of each panel so that the channel 30 is cut and opens into the bearing surface this outlet not shown and the tongue 11 bastard is partially cut by the step forming the bearing surface.

This isometric view reveals the groove 51 near the rear edge of the bottom panel 10A and the groove 52 near the trailing edge of the 20A right side panel.

Nice Display in Lamello AG. A box is usually formed by four sides, two lateral sides, a adsemblage, a bottom and a bottom.

CH Ref legal event code: LT Ref legal event code: According to another advantageous feature, the locking tab is split to accommodate the depth of the cabinet and lameplo particular, the tab is subdivided by local reductions of section defining segments, particularly of different lengths for segments not manufacture that a type of tongue and adapt it to the depth of the furniture or caissons by simply removing one or more segments. Although this extraction is so simple, lamelo does not worsen the excellent adhesion of the locking member supported on the edge of the panels and caught in the groove receiving the edges of the box bottom.


Accueil – Langevin Forest – Le bois, notre passion

Then, while continuing to depress the tongue 40 is moved away slightly the locking member 60 and is slid by the edge of its two lamellae engaging against the inner surface of the two panels 10, 20 until the slatscoming in front of the groove 51, 52 of both panels 10, 20 above the bottom 50 and can engage it. The grooves are supplemented to form a channel 30 receiving a locking strip, where engagement of a baton strip 11 and the assembly housing ensure blocking in a direction Yand the locking strip blocks the assembly.

Other corners of the side panels and upper and lower panels have a homologous structure.

Sliding panels for door – run along tracks housed in hollow channels open along lower edges. This comparison highlights the essential features of the invention: LU Free format text: To unlock, a tool is used represented by the line 64, representing a levering implement such as a screwdriver which is inserted the “lower end in the slot and is pressed against the edge of the large base 61 to make a lever pushing movement according to arrow F, to extract attachment strips of the groove 51, 52 and thus allow to draw the locking member 60 upward with the tab In more detail, the locking member 60 according to this embodiment is constituted by a large base 61 shaped bracket for resting on the edgeof the panels 10, 20, here on the bearing surfacesmade by the recesses of the edges almello, The large base 61 is provided with a lmello portion 62 dihedral bearing against the inner faces of the panels 10, 20 in the bearing surfaces The panel assembly means are very different from shapes of complex assemblies used in carpentry to a simpler assembly edge to edge, bonded and reinforced if necessary by spikes and staples.


MK Free format text: ES Ref legal event code: A big cabinet in spraypainted mdf. Pas besoin de serre-joints. Clip for installing false ceiling panel – incorporates projection on vertical tongue which engages slot in support structure.

Leçon n°3 – La suite : Comment assembler 2 panneaux (partie 2/3)

Kind code of ref document: Contact colonialsaw or dempseythey will take care of you. Advantageously, the locking member has a symmetrical shape with respect to the bi-sector plane of the junction of the two panels against which it is applied. The panels 10, 20 have a 10a inner side 20a and an outer face 10b, 20b.

Asse,blage locking assemb,age 16, 26 of the two panels 10, 20 are preferably adopted just before the end of the two panels 10, 20, but by opening the other end of the panels. IE Ref legal event code: This dihedron-shaped connecting portion 62 has a height h corresponding substantially to the distance separating the edgeor here the bearing surfacefrom the edge of the groove 51, This tongue is divided by local reductions of sectioni regularly or irregularly distributed on the basis of length of the tab 40A and defining segments This tab facilitates introduction of the tongue in the channel, especially if the tab section is adapted closely to that of the channel thereby increasing the bearing surface.


According to this embodiment, the edgeof the two panels 10, 20 is provided with a stall forming a peripheral bearing surfaceon all panels 10, 20 at their singing, in general the song of the rear side of the box. MT Free format text: