ASHWAMEDHA YAGNA Written by Sulaiman Razvi Ashvamedha Yajna is a ritual performed by Queens (particularly by chief queen) for fertility. Recently I have started reading the Ramayana and I came across the concept of ‘ Ashwamedha Yagna/ Horse Sacrifice’ that King Dasharath is. The reason for why Lord Rama performed an Ashwamedha Yajna can be found in Valmiki Ramayana-UTTARA KANDA-Saraga 96 to Sarga (or Saraga

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The horse is then driven into water and bathed. Would they spot the Golden Seeta as their mother?

He decided to have a golden idol of Seeta as a substitute for his real Seeta. The fact was that he did it. He also told them to take with them some people skilled in cutting stones from the mountain.

He chose to keep his promise he made to his wife.

While I agree that laws are important, Maharishi Valmiki tells us that rules will be only followed by people who believe in them. It is the miracle performed by the human genius Medha to form the society and the methods of its governance, and to transform this earth into such an elegant and well-developed structure of culture and civilization.

Omgodu inscription of his great-grandson [22]. As copulation with dead horse is part of the ritual, Indra thought that no one will come to know if he enters the body of the dead horse ashwameddha copulates with the queen.


I had their milk ready for them. Only that way would justice be served. Having a purpose helped me start to heal. We do not want to be blessed by a king who did not have the courage to stand up for his wife.


Then the king Indradyumna sent for the kings of Utkal, Koshal and Kalinga. When we asked him the reason for this, he said that women should yaggna attract attention to themselves.

Lord Rama asked Bharata and Lakshmana about their opinion on this matter and asked what was auspicious and productive of well being in the long run. In fact, there are no decisions that enjoy universal popularity. The Brahmana attests above obscene verses. I will reply to the first rebuttal.

This was the question we wanted to ask him yagnx we did. Jagatpur inscriptions mention his fourth Ashvamedha [18]. They were fighting for Seeta and were seeing the problems with the system of governance in Ayodhya. I thought it was bizarre, because the twins were hardly ever home during the day — what with their studies and practice and play. It is on its basis that he, as a scientist, has explored the secrets of nature and is claiming to sahwamedha the controller of the fate of all the living beings.

The Sivanvayal pillar inscription states that he performed ten Ashvamedhas [22]. The awakened human Medha will help reform the society and the methods of its governance and would transform yagha earth into a heaven.

He had to be good and also show that he is good. They donated lot of things which would be needed during the Yagna and the building of the temple. What you see might not right.


Why were Ashwamedha Yajnas performed Browsing through the annals of Hindu literature, we find Ashwamedha yajnas were intended for three main purposes.

Below I am quoting so called explanations from two apologists and I will try to refute it. Hearing the words of Lakshmana and smiling, the highly effulgent descendant of Raghu, Rama, skilled in the art of speech, ashhwamedha Lakshmana”, Yabna foremost of men, thou hast truly related the story of Vritra’s destruction and the fruits of horse sacrifice.

King Sagar performing Ashwamedha Yagna – an ancient a horse ritual of gaining power

In Hindu mythology the horse is a symbol of the sun, and the primal waters are considered ashwmaedha stable and birthplace. I had forgiven that during my days in Ayodhya. Intimate Narratives of a Living Andhra Tradition. But apparently, he had taken a vow of having only one wife. But he cannot escape the consequences of the choice.

What Was the Importance of Ashwamegh Yagya

However, we must try and understand his constraints. The horse is yoked to a gilded chariotasuwamedha with three other horses, and Rigveda RV 1. Griffith has omitted the obscene verses of Yajur Veda due to the obscene necrophilia involvedHe wrote in the commentary.

What is a good decision for one would create problems for another.