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AS/NZS (IEC , Ed. , MOD). Australian/New Zealand Standard. Explosive atmospheres. Part Design. You may be required to comply with this standard if you intend to undertake electrical work in areas where flammable gas or vapour risks may arise. Where. Looking for advice on AS-NZS & other AS-NZS certification standards? Contact E-x Solutions on (08) to speak to one of our experts today.

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The conductor insulation shall be such that it will be capable of withstanding an r.

IEC -and this Standard gives the specific requirements for design, selection and erection of electrical installations in explosive atmospheres. Equipment repair, overhaul and reclamation IEC 25, El e ctrical apparatus for e xplosiv e gas atmosph e res – Part This Standard applies to all electrical equipment including fixed, portable, transportable and personal, and installations, permanent or temporary.

In some cases the type of protection may be divided into different levels of protection which again historically correlate to zones. Painting by the user of the enclosure after complete assembly is permitted.

These EPLs are introduced to enable an alternative approach to current methods of selecting Ex equipment. Where inert gas is used, particularly in large enclosures, measures shall be taken to prevent the danger nzss suffocation.

The enclosure should be de-energized at once if flammable gases are detected while operating under these conditions and re-purged before it is put back into service. Acceptance of equipment into each Zone is historically based on the type of protection. Care shall be exercised in the layout of terminals and in the wiring method used so that contact between circuits is unlikely if aa wire becomes dislodged.


Australian Hazardous Area Standards – AS-NZS | E-x Solutions

Exposed conductive parts need not be separately connected to the equipotential bonding system if they are firmly secured to and are in conductive contact with structural parts or piping which are connected to the equipotential bonding system. NOTE 2 Taper threaded holes in plastic enclosures are not recommended because the high stresses created during sealing of these threads may fracture the enclosure wall. NOTE 2 The above items are part of consequence management when considering risk.

The cable shall be suitable for the circuit protective arrangements, e. International Involvement Standards Australia and Standards New Zealand are responsible for ensuring that the Australian and New Zealand viewpoints are considered in the formulation of international Standards and that the latest international experience is incorporated in national and Joint Standards.

AS-NZS 60079-14: Explosive atmospheres – Electrical installations design, selection and erection

Consideration shall be given to the effect of nearby structures on air movement and of changes in the prevailing wind direction and nzd.

The calculation of the capacitance depends on the electrical connection of bus cable and screen. Where there is a need to use transportable or portable equipment in a hazardous area for which the normally required EPL is not obtainable, a documented program for risk management shall be implemented.

This role is vital in assisting local industry to compete in international markets. Precautions shall be taken to prevent the build-up of static on surfaces of cables.

It also provides guidance on how to classify the explosive risk posed by flammable gas or vapours. Thr e ad e d adapters comp l ying nz i th l EC may be fitt e d i nto the cab le e ntry ho le s to a ll ow connection of the d e v i ce or cab le gland. The effectiveness of the temperature control or proper run up shall be verified and documented.


AS-NZS 60079 & Other AS-NZS Standards

Please address your comments to the Chief Executive of either Standards Australia or Standards New Zealand at the address shown on the back cover. For example, most flammable materials and many materials which are normally regarded as non-flammable might burn vigorously under az of oxygen enrichment. Simple apparatus even if installed outside the locations requiring EPL ‘Ga’ shall be referred to in the system documentation and shall comply with the requirements of AS7N2S:: The installation 600779 shall be chosen with regard to the functional requirements of the circuits and in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions.

A delta wound motor with a low torque load during start-up might also be able to start ax this winding failure condition and therefore the fault may exist undetected for long periods. Junction boxes and switches in intrinsically safe circuits can be assunned to have a temperature classification of T6.

In this situation, both the summation of voltages and the summation of currents have to be considered separately. In the event that armour is required not to be bonded to the equipotential bonding system at any interposing point, care shall be taken to ensure that the electrical continuity of the armour from end to end of the complete cable run is maintained. Different protection concepts have different maintenance requirements.

Such precautions may involve the sealing of trunking, ducts or pipes. Figure 2 – Selection chart for cable entry devices into flameproof enclosures for cables complying with item b of