AS/NZS A1 Structural steel welding – Part 1: Welding of steel structures: Amendment 1. Correction amendment declared by Standards Australia to. AS/NZS Structural steel welding Part 1: Welding of steel structures; AS/NZS Structural steel welding Part 3: Welding. This Standard specifies requirements for the welding of steel structures made up of combinations of steel plate, sheet or sections, including hollow sections and.

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Published on 23 September Filler wires shall be dry, smooth and free from corrosion or other matter deleterious either to satisfactory operation or to the weld metal.

Prior to and during welding, the inspector shall inspect the set-up of the work and ensure that— a welds are in accordance with the drawings; b the welding is carried out on the specified material with suitable equipment; c strucrures procedures are maintained; and d the work is performed in accordance with the requirements of this Standard.

This Table identifies nearest equivalent designations. Low and intermediate alloy steel electrodes for manual metal-arc welding of carbon steels and low and intermediate alloy steels superseded Temporary backing material of any type may be used for welds, provided the finished weld complies with the requirements of this Standard.

Where a slot weld is made by completely or partially filling the slot i.

AS/NZS 1554.1:2014 A1 Structural steel welding – Part 1: Welding of steel structures: Amendment 1

Charpy V-notch impact fracture toughness test Non-destructive testing—Ultrasonic testing of fusion welded joints in carbon and low alloy steel Certification of welding supervisors—Structural steel welding Radiography of metals—Image recommendations for their use Resistance welding equipment—Single-phase a. Where such penetration is achieved, the size of the weld may be correspondingly reduced.

Guidance as to the extent of non-destructive examination is given in Table weldingg. Licensees are permitted to print once for Internal use limited to the Quantity specified in the SAI Global Infostore order only excludes electronic pads of forms. In most cases extending the procedure qualification will be particularly if weldijg the trade name and classification of the welding known.

The following are represented on Committee WD Ultrasonic testing Clause 6. For system A classified consumables, consumables of the former positional class D are equivalent to position designation 3 including 4 and P are equivalent to designation 1 including 2 to 5.


Typical flattened circular hollow section joints are shown in Figure 4.

Standards Catalogue

Both retests shall comply with the test requirements. Instructions for the qualification of welding procedures on steels not listed in Clause 2. Welding power sources IEC Where routine testing reveals imperfections requiring further consideration in accordance with Section 6, Clause 6. These records shall be kept and made available to those authorized to off them. Prequalified joint preparations, welding consumables and welding procedures are also given in the Standard. The flattening of the section shall be made over the minimum length practicable.

This Standard incorporates Amendment No.

With the exception of quenched and tempered steels, parent materials not identified to a Standard nominated in Item c above may be used, provided one of the following requirements is met: Thursday, 31 March 4: Standards may also be withdrawn.

Documents referenced for informative purposes are listed in the Bibliography. In addition to the abovementioned structures, the Standard applies to the welding of cranes, hoists and other dynamically loaded structures, the welding of road and pedestrian bridges and the welding of steelwork in applications other than structural.

The test piece may be made as a production test piece. The requirements or recommendations contained in published Standards are a consensus of the views of representative interests and also take account of comments received from other sources. Know when a Standard has changed weling. No change is required.

Electrical Certification of welders and welding supervisors Welded joints complying with the above Standards are the following: The inspector shall have the opportunity to witness all testing of welding procedures and welder qualification tests that are required. Completed sructures shall be visually examined and tested in the as-welded condition as specified in Table 4. Specifying weld sizes larger than necessary shall be avoided. Where flux is re-used, flux-recycling systems shall include suitable sieves and magnetic particle separators and shall be such that the flux remains in a satisfactory condition for re-use.

For the purposes of Table 6. This Standard does not apply to underwater welding. Although this Standard has been specifically prepared for steel structures, it may be usefully applied to machine frames and other types of steel constructions.

AS/NZS – Standards Australia

Where a consumable is not prequalified in accordance with Items abc d or e above, but the fabricator can produce relevant data, properly documented, of satisfactory prior experience in the use of the consumables with a qualified procedure, the data shall be taken as sufficient evidence for deeming the consumable qualified for that procedure [see Clause 4. The width of the slot for slot welds shall be— a not less than the sum of 8 mm plus the thickness of the part containing the slot; and b not more than the greater of— i the sum of 11 mm plus the thickness of the part containing the slot; and ii 2.


However, where it can be demonstrated, by the use of od mechanics or other suitable methods of assessment, that the defects will not be injurious to the performance of the structure, such defects do not need to be repaired or rewelded; provided that, for any such defect, such methods of assessment are acceptable to both the principal and the fabricator [see Paragraph B5, Appendix B and Appendix D, Item structuress ].

This edition incorporates the following major changes to the edition: Where there is a root gap, the size shall be given by the lengths of the legs of the inscribed triangle, reduced by the amount shown in Table E3, Appendix E. The nominated representative should be suitably qualified to deal with the technical issues of this Standard. The ultrasonic sensitivity to be used for parent metal scanning in areas where welds are to be made should comply with ASi.

The intention is that the designer select the category suited to the severity of the service and nominate this on the drawings. Australia and New Zealand have generally followed the AWS based system 154.1 practice using a tensile strength based classification system with local variations including a 47 J minimum impact energy requirement at the temperature of test as the basis for its consumable classification requirements.

The inspector shall make a careful and systematic check to ensure that no welds called for in the drawings are omitted. Please copy and paste this embed script to where you want to embed Embed Script.

In addition, the joint preparations shown in Figure 4.