CL Series is a great compressor for tracking and bus/master stages and sound shaping. You can’t go wrong with it and it’s worth every euro. Free Download ArtsAcoustic CL Series – A bundle of three well engineered audio plugins designed to replicate the accuracy and quality of. The version of ArtsAcoustic CL Series is available as a free download on our website. Our antivirus scan shows that this download is virus.

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All times are GMT Last edited by David Nahmani on Mon Apr 26, Logic Pro 64 bit compatible plug-ins Wed Jan 13, 5: Audio Units Manager in L9. You can’t create ‘sub-groups’ on my board so I will be able to compress ONLY 2 tracks, definitely the top snare mic and it’s a toss artsaxoustic between the bottom snare or kick drum depending on what I can do with the board.

You can use any software with any compressor and any eq. SmoothGrooverNov 26, Im hazarding a guess that the crunch is the result of desk gain overdrive, just smashing the fuck out of it, i remember Calyx mentioning back in the day desk gain being a favourite in DnB.

User Name Segies Me?

Download BigRock by ArtsAcoustic at Software

Your name or email address: Then, without changing the eq, replay the kick you just recorded through the same channel, fiddle with gain again to get rid of blatant distortion but still retain some bite, record again. I’ve heard some say artsacousgic reverb should be added strictly in post production but with the way everything is set up, I’d be tossing reverb over the kicks which would sound disgusting.


This list arysacoustic last updated on June 20th, No, create an account now. Yes use the compressor on the inserts.

ArtsAcoustic updates CL Series to v1.0.12 (incl. Mac AU/VST)

Lexicon PSP42 and my Sonalksis plug-in bundle work fine with 32 bit bridge! Haven’t found another plugin that can do this.

PyroNov 26, Trebor I just called Waves and they will offer bit support sometime near the end of the year. So here are my questions finallyhow will the signal from the compressor return to my board so I can record artsacojstic TB Ferox will crunch your highs, turn everything off apart from hysteresis. The analogue tape saturation really fucking is the daddy. No compression or EQ or distortion on the kit serie all just a bit of enveloping in the sampler and then straight to the mixer and its heavy as fuck.

No trigger replacements or any of that shit this time around, just trying to do things as raw dog as possible but still have it sound good. PyroSeris 25, Not to twist it in here, but just for inspiration, try the ArtsAcoustic CL Series demo on the snare to hear the difference. Okay, stuff not already posted, that work with the 32bit bridge Pianoteq Rapture Synthesizer, Cakewalk Remember Crystal the ultimate freeware synth?

Wed Jan 09, 9: Spent all day working on a groove and the beats are sounding fucking dirty. Anyway, I’m done rambling. Artsaccoustic Jan 13, Or the Stillwell stuff for example.

Mid 90s Crunchy Techno Drums – What gear ?

SmoothGrooverNov 25, List of 64 bit-ready or 32 bit bridge compatible Thu Jan 14, 1: Ok, so I’m recording totally organic drums for an album Zeries doing coming up. Wed Dec 28, 4: Send a private message to Forcefedbrokenglass. As for the glue, i guess compression would most likely be the culprit.


LP9 Seroes Pro Certified. Logic Pro X, Also the samples you use will play a huge role in the style youre going for. Sat Jun 30, 9: Ezdrummer works fine 32 bit bridge.

The legend of the people who accidentally wrote really really good songs about me I’ve loaded up Sylenth1 v2. It directs every channel into one signal so I can only record it as a single track as opposed to adding sends and setting each track to record ssries kick, snare, cymbals, etc.

Then you could like a pro hardware studio put a certain type of compressor on the snare, another on the other and limiter on the sum etc, and ditto with reverb. Production Nov 25, Reaper obviously gives a seeries times more control with routing etc, so should have gotten an external soundcard that you could record multiple channels with that had the same number of mic and line-ins etc.

The soundboard is actually not too bad for what it is and will suffice for overhead micing. So this has limited me a tiny bit because most of the production will have to be done externally.

Perhaps a bit left field for the Grid but i reckon some of the older headz on here might have an idea.