If Arimaa is played using a chess set, the pieces may be represented by the king, queen, knights, bishops, rooks, and pawns respectively. In fact, “Arimaa” is “Aamir” spelled backwards plus an initial “a”. In Syed published the rules to Arimaa and announced a $10, prize, available through . (“Arimaa” is “Aamir” spelled backwards plus an initial “a”). In , Syed published the rules to Arimaa and announced a $ prize, available annually until.

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Even if rotation is not feasible, a frame may be valuable. Furthermore, one’s turn may not create the same position with the same player to move as has been created twice before. Also Syed called for outside sponsorship of the Arimaa Challenge to build a bigger prize fund.

Just find suitable multi-move CVs from above index, and those CVs arguably present the same difficulty for Computer as arimaa; research can then find which ones actually do.

Gold arranges his pieces on the first and second ranks, and then Silver arranges her pieces on the seventh and eighth ranks. The weakest bots will make it easy for you to capture pieces. This is correct but insufficient, because the silver elephant may still pull the gold horse from b3 to b4, capturing the gold camel on c3. This is an option only because Gold has left b2 empty; gold pieces on a1, a2, and b2 would form a phalanxfencing in any a3 hostage.

Some AI articles constantly kneejerk referencing Arimaa as landmark drone without rigour, and their authors unschooled in CVs should be embarrassed. That would indicate Arimaa is invented fall or winter When an elephant is pinned to a camel framed by the enemy camel and elephant, the four strongest pieces are all tied up.

In the diagram at right, from this gameGold has fenced the silver horse next to the c3 trap. In the diagram at left, Silver to move can play a pull-and-replacegetting the silver horse onto b3 mb5sn Hb3n hc3w. However, the dog flip would usually lose time, since Silver could restore the phalanx in fewer steps than it took to flip the dog.


Gold to move could prevent this with He3sn df2w Df1n, a srimaa and replace that would give the trap a second gold defender. At right, the silver elephant can go to d3 to defend the horse, but Gold can then frame the horse with hc4s Ed4w Hb4s. A last resort capture defense is scatteringi.

You can become a decent Arimaa player without learning the standard notation ruled moves. Items covered by the license are the patent and the trademark.

Arimaa | Board Game | BoardGameGeek

In this gamethe gold elephant is pinned to the horse framed on c6. When a non-elephant is its side’s sole defender of a particular trap, it must keep a constant eye on all enemy pieces stronger than itself. As long as the gold elephant defends f6, it should stay on e6. Silver could try moving northwest pieces to the southeast, threatening gold pieces in f3 while also making room for the silver camel to dislodge the f7 horse.

If that is accomplished, the opponent may struggle to retain even shared control of his home trap. Each player has 16 pieces: The gold elephant on d3 could push the silver rabbit on d2 to e2 and then occupy d2. At right, Silver would gain no further advantage by arimas a horse on g3, so the silver dog is efficiently placed there.

Consecutive steps by the same piece may be condensed, with only the initial square given. If the gold cat on h7 moves to h6 while pulling the silver rabbit from g7 to h7, the gold rabbit on g6 can step to rulew. Gold to move can prevent a horse capture, but not a horse frame. Experienced players will sometimes do this, but the downside is that a rabbit could get pushed into a protected trap and then could never step back, creating a ruless for the home player.


On a full or mostly full board, the camel is usually the piece that should hold a horse raimaa. For instance, it might make it easier for a friendly piece to attack the frame along the b-file. The second diagram, from the same game as the initial position above, [10] helps illustrate the remaining rules of movement.

Arimaa/Playing The Game

While you’re holding a camel hostage, do your best to stop the enemy elephant from pulling or pushing any of your pieces toward an unprotected trap. He freezes all others in their tracks. Using his camel, Gold can make rupes threat in the east, overloading Silver’s defences.

Choose to play the bot at the bottom.

Arimaa/Print version – Wikibooks, open books for an open world

An important element of Arimaa is the overall distribution of pieces. The gold horse in the trap makes rotation difficult for Silver. Players make 4 moves per turn. When pulling, the stronger piece steps into ruless empty square, and the square it came from is occupied by the weaker piece. For now, Silver can only defend with the elephant, because any other silver defender could itself be captured in c3, unless there were two weaker silver defenders securely in place, which would require some work.

It’s perhaps too bad world championship level human Arimaa players arimqa lost in a challenge series vs. This makes the gold camel a grave threat in the east.