By using Ariba e-procurement platform, MED-X would reduce its spending and The project manager is lack of knowledge about earned value. Free Essay: Case Study II. ARIBA IMPLEMENTATION AT MED-X: MANAGING EARNED VALUE UNIVERSITY OF CONNECTICUT OPIM It is estimated that implementation of the Arabia e-procurement system will save the company $ million annually and also reduce spending streamline the.

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Otherwise, to meet the completion date, Martin can ask for more resources. Any unexpected delay in critical activities can harm the planned schedule and cause delays of certain tasks and even the entire project.

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We measure the project performance not only as a whole, but also by performance of its components. The project plan involves impoementation out Arabia Buyer 7. Never found anything wrong with the project while reviewing the budget variance and combined earned value reports; hence her surprise when she was informed that the project will not be delivered on time. MS Excel is the main software we used in this analysis, and all the information came from the implementatlon.

A separate earned value analysis of the individual plans showed us that the Software Customization plan is ahead of schedule and under budget and is, therefore, overshadowing the fact that the Technical Infrastructure Lana is not performing well and is delayed and over-budget. Leave your email and we will send you an example after 24 hours Our purpose is to help Martin find out which components are underperforming according to the plan, and make recommendations to avoid the same mistake from happening again.

Ariba Case Study by Vivi Ye on Prezi

It is end qriba September and CIO has been told that the project cannot be finished on time. The implementation will also allow tracking of purchasing behavior and retrieval of historical information and help MED-X realize a significant return on investment.


Managing Earned Value Paper. The Technical Infrastructure plan is over budget and behind schedule. We’ll occasionally send you account related and promo emails. As a result, many project managers utilize the Earned Value Method as a tool to keep their projects on track.

Extra time needed to complete the technical infrastructure part of the project Conclusions and recommendations In general, based on the combined rolling ratios, the MED-X implementation project was not out of control and was performing well on earnes whole. Earned value activity for the technical infrastructure component of the project On the other hand, when looking at table 2, we realize that the software customization component of the project is well ahead of schedule and under budget.

If you contact us after hours, we’ll get back to you in 24 hours or less. Those conclusion re supported by the Schedule Performance Index SIP and Cost Performance Index Cup value being above 1; confirming that the project should be delivered on eaened or even before the due date. To prevent this from happening Martin and his team should have implemented the following measures in the earlier phase Of the project: This is confirmed by the fact that the calculated cost performance index and schedule performance index are above 1 Table 2: First We decided to focus on the technical infrastructure and software customization components of the project because they ariiba on the critical path.

Accessed December 30, Sorry, but downloading is forbidden on this website. Earned value analysis for combined projects After eatned analysis of the two activities both separate and arriba, we determined that it will take an extra 9 days to complete the project as calculated in the table 4 below.

Since both activities are equally critical iimplementation project success, a delay in either one will delay the entire project. Statement Of the Imp,ementation When managing a project, one might easily focus on the whole process and ignore important details necessary for project completion.


We use cookies to give you the best experience possible. Moreover, the control ratio CRY less than one also implies the underperforming of technical infrastructure component in the project. According to the overall results, it was still under budget and ahead of schedule. Managing Earned Value send By clicking “Send”, you agree to our terms of service and privacy policy.

Ariba Implementation at MED X: Managing Earned Value – Research Paper Example :

Most of the background knowledge comes from case itself while our solution is mainly based on the technologies of cost control which are introduced during lecture 4 by Professor Jose. The project completion at the time was We calculated the percent completion for the technical infrastructure component of the project using the rolling earned value and estimated budget at completion for September 5 months.

The cost variance C. Result In order to understand why the project could not be delivered on time, we did an earned value management exercise as shown in the tables below. How about make it original? Earned Value Management is a project management technique for measuring implemetation performance and progress. The key tasks are to review the budget and earned value data for each task and figure what can be done to finish the project on time. By determining if cost ACschedule UPand work accomplished EVE are progressing as planned, we created an integrated performance report which uses consistent, numerical indicators like C.