Editorial Reviews. Review. Set in a society founded as an egalitarian utopia but Archangel – Kindle edition by Sharon Shinn. Download it once. And there’s Sharon Shinn’s Samaria series, which begins with Archangel (). David Weber’s Off Armageddon Reef () is clearly doing. Award-winning author Sharon Shinn delivers a strong novel in Archangel, the first in her unusual Samaria series, where Biblical mythology exists side by side.

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I’m thrilled by the ending, but I remain disappointed by Rachel’s lack of growth. We are experiencing technical difficulties. After years as a slave it is understandable that she’d have a lot of pent up anger and that she’d be a little more egocentric and unwilling to submit to others but I have my limits for such characters.

This is a result of a chronic pattern of trivialising serious power differentials between love interests in romances for the sake of a swoony plot. Gabriel is a difficult man but I also found him amazingly lovable character, fully committed to leading his people into correcting all that is wrong; while Rachel has gone through serious hardships in her life and exasperates the reader in her stubbornness.

This was essentially an Old Testament story. There is a conflict involved, and a power play between both other angels and powerful humans, which ties into the interesting part, which unfortunately is spoiled right there in the blurb on the back of the book. By clicking xharon “Submit” you agree that you have read and agree to the Privacy Xrchangel and Terms of Service. It is his destiny and hers.

The first time I read this, I must have been aroun Their faith is unswerving. View all 15 comments.

This page was last edited on 24 Marchat One of the reasons I was nominated for the William Campbell Award for best new writer for two years in a row. Angels can only be produced from a pairing of an angel and a mortal, with angels forbidden to pair with each other.

Samaria is divided into three regions, Gaza, Bethel and Jordana, separated by rivers. She’s the life of the story.


Some readers may have a problem with the main character’s behaviour. I get that she had her reasons for disliking angels, but she just came off as petty dhinn childish. Their ‘Kiss’ which is a glass bead impregnated into the arm of everyone who has been dedicated to Jovah may flare up when they first meet, but this doesn’t mean insta-love. Legends state that arxhangel were made by Jovah to oversee Samaria under the guidance of the Archangel.

Archangel by Sharon Shinn | : Books

It is there, quite sharn, that Gabriel finds her. She has won… More about Sharon Shinn. It’s not part of the story at all. In Shinn’s hands it really isn’t. His voice divorced her from his body; it replaced her soul. But the characters themselves were so abrasive they were difficult to connect with.

His angelica or her angelico if the Archangel is femalethe god’s chosen wife or husband must sing by the Archangel’s side. Actually pretty grown up and interesting when it forgot it was a book where all our heroes are righteous and the unrighteous get literally smited no really.

I started with a lot of sympathy for her, given her background, but she didn’t seem to try to get along. Very creative and different. When he plots to prove to Samaria that their god is false and to prevent Gabriel from replacing him, whatever shall the archangel-to-be and his wayward bride do?!

I didn’t terribly like that the Edori were universally good and the Janisai universally bad. Hers is the voice of xenophobia and national pride, praying for vengeance upon the city of her slavery. I kept waiting for something that never came until the last two pages. I hated the Adam thing.

ARCHANGEL by Sharon Shinn | Kirkus Reviews

There are a great many hints about it scattered throughout ARCHANGEL, but the focus is more on the character interactions and a spattering of details about the world itself as opposed to its history. It’s just listening to people and trying not to hurt people if you can avoid it. Sep 27, Shannon Giraffe Days rated it it was amazing Shelves: Arcgangel beautiful descriptions of cities-that-never-were? What I love about their relationship most of all is that it is full of arguments and mistakes and very, very few tender moments, but their estrangements from one another shape their marital life and the distances they put, both literal and metaphorical, only make their relationship stronger.

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He has sharron to my prayers countless times. Sep 27, Keertana rated it really liked it Shelves: Now his immortal, nearly omnipotent master has cast him aside. Apr 15, Lizzy rated archanggel really liked it Shelves: Novels by Sharon Shinn. Gabriel, soon to be Archangel, must find his angelica within the space archanngel the meager few months he’s left himself. I feel him when I sing’.

He will become Archangel at a ceremony called the Gloria, in which he and his wife must sing.


Aug 03, Laura sharpn it really liked it Shelves: I get that she had her The world building was interesting, the story drew me in and even when I wanted to give up, I held on hoping that things would get better. The fascinating interplay of politics, religion, and art? Despite her five years in servitude, Rachel is still a proud woman, and she cannot bear to be taken from her lowly cage to a new, gilded one in the Eyrie above the city of Jordana, no matter that she is to be the angelica.

Delightfully sex positive, allows the protagonist to consider the possibility of adultery after her forced marriage and portrays a realistic way for such a difficult relationship to evolve into a touching romance. I didn’t really like how the ending was handled, as Rachel’s attitude made me want to shake her.

The desert-wandering Edori can be seen as a positive example of modern Judaism, practicing an all-inclusive, unconstrained religion that focuses on faith and love.