API publications necessarily address problems of a general nature. With respect to particular circumstances, local, state, and federal laws and regulations. Recommended Practice for the Design of Offshore Facilities Against Fire and Blast Loading, First Edition. American Petroleum Institute (API) First Edition, April 76p. This document provides guidelines and recommended practice for the satisfactory design of.

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Older platforms may also have higher frequency of releases as a result of ageing which will increase the likelihood of leaks due to corrosion and fatigue issues. The potential for an accidental release of a hydrocarbon mixture is ever present on hydrocarbon carrying installations and, if ignited, could lead to a dp incident involving loss of life, loss of the asset and environmental damage. Some packages can also potentially capture contact, brittle and ductile behaviour of the structure.

This is typically taken as the mid-span with the assumption of a uniformly distributed mass and stiffness. This document recommends minimum requirements and guidelines for the design and installation of electrical systems on fixed and floating petroleum facilities located offshore when hazardous locations 2ffb classified as Zone 0, Zone 1, or Zone 2.

Structural behaviour under explosion hazards

Nature of threat The potential for an accidental release of a hydrocarbon mixture is ever present on hydrocarbon carrying installations and, if ignited, could lead to a serious incident involving loss of life, loss of the asset and environmental damage. About us Contact us Apii Terms of use. These have been shown to act as stress raisers and potential failure sources, even at low pressures.

Advanced search Show search help. This publication serves as a guide for those who are concerned with the design and construction of new platforms and for the relocation of existing platforms used for the drilling, development, and storage of hyd This Recommended Practice is intended to serve as a guide to crane owners and operators in developing operating and maintenance spi and procedures for use in the safe operation of pedestal-mounted revolving cranes on fixed or oating offshore platforms, jacku Generally speaking, guidance for the offshore area is still evolving.


Is this page useful? Projects with accelerated engineering, procurement, and construction EPC schedules are becoming common in the oil and gas industry with Oil Majors keen on quick and guaranteed returns on investment.

Ongoing operational safety shall be demonstrated by appropriate design capacity in conjunction with an 2vb integrity management system to ensure degradation is kept within acceptable limits.

The latest industry based guidance which is currently in use is the API Recommended Practice 2FB for design of offshore facilities against fire and blast loading. You can visit our cookie privacy page for more information.

As a result of this, little attention was given to design strategies dealing with explosion scenarios. Structural strengthening of offshore topsides structures as part of explosion risk reduction methods, The Steel Construction Institute, HSE rr The methodology adopted was to conduct a risk assessment for a typical bid to arrive at the 2fbb cost estimate for the fire protection 2cb. Peer reviewed only Published between: This policy should have no impact for new installations as designs should incorporate the required regulatory and technical principles.

Full scale tests on realistic modules and congestion confinement levels carried out on joint industry projects have shown 2cb the severity of the threat is more severe and complex than originally envisaged.

Care is required in converting back to the actual structure to ensure the additional stresses are captured, particularly at support locations of both the beam and at equipment support points. Rock Mechanics Symposium and 5th U.

API Standards List

Introduction Industrial scale fire, explosion and environmental pollution from the production, refining, and distribution of petroleum remains one of the major concerns impacting human life and environment, incurring business losses and jeopardizing organizational reputation.

  LEI 11284 PDF

Prior to the Piper Alpha incident inlimited design guidance for offshore structures apj limit the consequences of fires and explosions existed. Other valuable documents include the Norsok standards and the GEE JIP project which resulted in the publication of an important handbook. This is of relevance to the offshore sector in relationship to FPSO’s where potentially larger gas cloud sizes could form due to space constraints.

Successfully dealing with extreme uncertain events has been shown in the past to be dependent on good engineering practice, as well as appropriate QRA, such as providing continuity between elements, ductile details which avoid apii stress concentrations at critical points weld details for example so that aapi structure can take up the energy of the blast apk stable deformations and plasticity. Background Prior to the Piper Alpha incident, structural design to limit the consequences of a hydrocarbon explosion was mainly confined to constructing blast walls in the well bay area.

Fire and Explosion Guidance Part 1: Robustness of the integrity should be measured against the resilience of the structure to rl these loads with suitable margins to cater for the uncertainties in the load estimation, the modelling schem chosen, and the material properties of the materials used. Safety critical elements Structural elements and systems are used in provision of control and barriers for explosions and are likely to be designated safety critical elements.

However for existing installations remedial measures may be required to xpi robustness of the installation and changes to inventory profile may also require some remedials.

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