Equipo No. 5. Integrantes: Cristian Alexis Saavedra Martínez. Carla Abigail Serrano. María Pueblas. Resultados.. Valores normales de antiestreptolisinas. Antiestreptolisinas. Uploaded by. Jesus Castro · Dermatoma. Uploaded by Del Corazón. Uploaded by. Flor Martinez · Valores Normales de PIO. Uploaded by. ANÁLISIS CLÍNICOS. 11 Desoxicortisol · alfa-hidroxiprogesterona · cetoesteroides En Orina · hidroxicorticosteroides En Orina · 5 Nucleotidasa.

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Evite o contacto com a pele e com as membranas mucosas. Proceda sempre de acordo com as normas locais, distritais e nacionais quando efectuar o CQ.

Always follow the local, state and federal regulations in performing QC. Phosphate buffer, pH 7. Antigen excess No hook effect has been observed when the procedure according to the Konelab Application Notes is used. Particelle al lattice rivestite con streptolisina O Tampone glicina, pH 8.

No probado en Thermo Fisher Scientific Oy. La curva di calibrazione dipende dal lotto. Gammopathy interference in clinical chemistry assays: Tampone fosfato, pH 7. Aufbewahrung 2 Die Probe kann wie folgt aufbewahrt werden: Any application which has not been validated by Thermo Fisher Scientific Oy cannot be performance guaranteed and therefore must be evaluated by the user.


Heterofila antikroppar och monoklonala immunglobuliner eller delar av dem och reuma-faktorer kan interferera med testet. Clin Chem Lab Med ; 45 9Materials required but not provided Calibrator and control as indicated below. Data on file at Thermo Fisher Scientific Oy.

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Allow the calibrator to remain on the analyzer for a maximum of one hour. It is recommended that each laboratory antiestreptolisibas this range or derives a reference interval for the population that it serves. Bufor fosforanowy, pH 7. Deben tomarse las precauciones normales requeridas en el manejo de reactivos en laboratorio. List of Analytes; Preanalytical variables. Refer to the Application Notes of your Konelab analyzer for the on board stability of reagents.

GASamong which antistreptolysin O is the one most used for clinical laboratory evaluation. Nu a fost testat la Thermo Fisher Scientific Oy. Modifiche rispetto alla versione precedente La linea accanto al testo indica le modifiche apportate.

Determination limit The determination limit is the lowest concentration that can be measured quantitatively: From Patient to the Laboratory. Die Reagenzien enthalten Natriumazid als Konservierungsmittel. Exercise the normal precautions required for handling all laboratory reagents. Materiali necessari ma non inclusi nel kit Calibratore e controlli come riportato di seguito. Zmiany w stosunku do poprzedniej wersji Linia obok tekstu oznacza zmiany.

Antibodies against streptolysin O can be detected weeks after infection with maximum levels reached at weeks. I reagenser finns natriumazid som konserveringsmedel. Tampon fosfat, pH 7. Ettevalmistamine Reaktiivid on kasutusvalmis. Die Werte sollten innerhalb der vom Labor vorgegebenen Grenzwerte liegen. Datos de archivo de Thermo Fisher Scientific Oy. Bifogat material Reagens enligt ovan. Precautions Human serum samples should be handled and disposed of as if they were potentially infectious.


Evitare il contatto con la cute e le membrane mucose. Ann Clin Biochem ; It is recommended to use at least two levels low and high of controls or sample pools. Avoid contact with skin and mucous membranes. Lieferumfang Reagenzien, wie oben beschrieben.

Es wird empfohlen, mindestens zwei Konzentrationen niedrig und hoch von Kontrollen oder Probenmischungen zu verwenden. Vajalikud materjalid, antiesteptolisinas kaasas pole Allpool kirjeldatud kalibraator ja kontroll. I reagenti contengono sodio azide come conservante. Pay special attention to the preanalytical variables such as mixing, standing time before centrifugation and centrifuge settings.

Os resultados de pacientes com suspeita de tais anticorpos devem ser cuidadosamente avaliados 3. Nimetatud antikehadega patsientide puhul saadud tulemusi tuleb hoolikalt hinnata 3. Kalibrierung Antistreptolysin O Calibrator, Bestellnr.

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