None makes the case better, I think, than Professor Antal Fekete (see his series of Monetary Economics lectures or Whither Gold). Antal’s work. See contact information and details about Antal E. Fekete. See more of Antal E. Fekete on Facebook. Log In. or . Awards. In his essay, “Whither Gold?. Professor Fekete was Consulting Professor at Sapientia University, Cluj-Napoca, Romania, His essay ”Whither Gold?” won the first prize in the.

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Tsunami In The Bond Market. Position Paper professorfekete 4, February 7,Chinese Puzzle. Backward Thinking On Backwardation. Contrarian Roundtable on Central Bankers And gold. On the So-Called Nuclear Option. The Gold Standard Strikes Back. Krugman’s Opium War On China. Fekete established the New Austrian School of Economics on the ground of the Gold Standard University to give lectures on the Austrian perspective on monetary economics regarding the instability of the monetary system with particular emphasis on the repercussion of the lasting financial and economic crisis.

Paradoxically, gold’s importance is growing while its dispersal from official hoards and the mines continues apace. The prophetic words of Antal Fekete in his now infamous ‘essay’ on Gold are as relevant now perhaps more so as they were when he first wrote them 15 years ago – especially as the Euro-zone migrates from lossening fiat-money to quasi-money greek pharma bonds for instance. Monetary Versus Non-Monetary Commodities.

Wobbly Anchors or Wobbly Logic? During his associations with various universities and institutions he has done research and lectured on economics. Professor Fekete lives in Budapest, Hungary. The New Austrian School of Economics. The Goldbugs, Variations II.


Antal Fekete on Gold

As all items for export have imported components, no one can maintain for long low export prices in the face of ever rising cost of imports. The rational basis upon which bond values rest was overthrown when gold-redeemability told the currency was abolished.

Forward Thinking On Backwardation. Where Krugman Went Wrong. The fanatic denial of this fact is central to mainstream economic orthodoxy.

Speculation is absent in Keynesian, Marxian, Walrasian and Austrian economic theory. Is There A Trade-off?

Not only can the owner of gold earn a return in gold on his fekets even under the regime of irredeemable currency, but gold is the only form of tangible wealth that can be lent out at interest and that is in constant demand as such.

This is one of the most pernicious doctrines ever concocted — as demonstrated both by theory and practice. It’s Not a Dollar Crisis: Architecture for a New World Financial System. The offsetting of long positions with short futures would only appear to be naked, as participants antql the futures market are under no obligation to divulge their hedge.

The Marginal Utility of Silver. How High Is High? Lecture notes were published and students could consult free of charge through the Internet. With A Year Lag Whithdr 1. By merging the Time Preference Theory on the Origin of Interest with the Productivity of Capital, resulting in what he calls a Hexagonal Model, Fekete maintains that economic thinking has been enriched, since the above has been missing in both Fekehe and traditional economic thought.


Under the regime of irredeemable currency, interest is merely bribe-money, trying to persuade reluctant holders of irredeemable promises to hang on a while longer. There is a substantial body of research material and lecture notes, as well as The Gold Standard Manifesto, made available on this website, that have grown out of this initiative. Open The Mint To Gold!

Basis Trading Fekete disputes the claims of “naked shorting” of precious metals markets. More ominously, a movement to redistribute future losses is afoot. This initiative came to nought as the Treasury deliberately derailed negotiations through procrastination.

Burning Birdges and Halfway House. A debased currency makes the country an attractive place for foreigners in which to buy and an unattractive place in which to sell. Exploding the Myth of Silver Shortage.

See more of Antal E. Gold will reclaim its throne as constitutional monarch in the monetary and credit system of the world. Gold Vanishing Into Private Hoards.

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In his essay, “Whither Gold? Our Diseased Monetary Bloodstream.

Interview In Daily Bell. Is Aggregate Debt Excessive? What Constitutes a Money Crank? The Significance of the Gold Standard. There is a lively gold loan market in the world: Other criticism may be summarized as the teleological use of econometrics by economists and the disingenuous treatment of any research on the gold standard.