Andy Roddick Beat Me with a Frying Pan has ratings and 19 reviews. Holly said: stars. Fun read. Todd Gallagher suffers from the all too common wr. Directed by Todd J. Gallagher. With Andy Roddick, Todd J. Gallagher. ‘Andy Roddick Beat me With a Frying Pan’. Courtesy Three Rivers Press. As strange as it may sound to anyone with a sense of decency, there.

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Todd Gallagher suffers anry the all too common writer’s problem where he thinks he’s way funnier than he actually is. I would venture to say that Roddick is significantly better than the players who beat me so easily in high school, so if I wanted to be able to beat him and make it feel roddicl a real win, I would have to come up with a handicap that seemed reasonable enough, on the surface at least, to make Andy emotionally invested in the match.

Well, that’s the kind of book we are dealing with here. We started rallying, and Roddick was, unfortunately, amazing. Andy Roddick who had to use a frying pan. May 08, Robert rated it liked it. Steve rated it liked it Jan 28, But it’s still pretty enjoyable. He put these debates to the test—literally. Each chapter chronicles this guy’s “match” with a star s.

Will Miami’s taking a chance on Manny Diaz pay off? Second, the skillet would severely limit his booming serves. He started missing, and pretty soon I was cruising.

Andy Roddick Beat Me with a Frying Pan (TV Movie) – IMDb

He sent an all-midget lineup up against a pro baseball team. Some of my favorite questions were “Could a midget be a successful player in the MLB?

Laugh out loud read – geat stare at me on the train!! Fourth, a frying rodvick has no strings, taking away Roddick’s ability to use a variety of spins that help him hit powerful and well-placed groundstrokes. Wanting to put on a show for the rodsick my word, not theirs crowd, I let my ego get in the way and went for a big shot down the line that missed by inches.


Feb 22, Chris rated it it was amazing. But I laughed a lot. It also meant that Roddick had to abandon his typical grip on his strokes, going from western to continental. Taking the Field with Pro Athletes Andy Roddick is a year-old professional tennis player with 23 ATP titles to his credit, including the U.

Andy Roddick Beat Me with a Frying Pan

Jon Jones still fighting off andu asterisk 1d Brett Okamoto. Having spent his entire childhood training on the tennis court, sometimes for as many as 10 hours a day, he now has the ability to strike shots at speeds and with a level of accuracy that are almost impossible to comprehend.

Other chapters are mere summaries of all the bar arguments Gallagher is claiming to settle bat and for all. Tony rated it really liked it Sep 25, But some debates can never be settled no matter how much you run up your bar tab arguing with your friends.

Andy Roddick could beat an average player with a frying pan

Aug 10, Lexi rated it really liked it Shelves: For instance, one dealth with the time he played goalie with immensely oversized goalie gear that put him from goalpost to goalpost in width to see if he could shut out the Washington Capitals NHL team in a practice. The writing is good enough, but not spectacular. Andy, don’t you realize a good artist never blames his instrument?

Some chapters are well executed with fun experiments. But as we continued to hit, it became clear that Roddick had major difficulties to overcome. Books by Todd Gallagher. He seems to only go half-way on some debates jumping to some conclusions while just plain giving up a couple of times.

So many unfunny jokes and unwarranted jabs are stuffed into the book that you could just eye roll yourself to death. I hit my first serve around mph, which is slower than his second serve, and it doesn’t have anywhere near the kind of action Andy’s ball does. While someone with no tennis experience would not win a point from Andy in a set, I probably wouldn’t have a prayer of winning more than je point or two either.


Still, like Roddick, I am a tennis player and a competitive guy, so although I never had the dedication or the talent to play at his level, I wanted to know what a and over a player as great as he is felt like.

Could You Beat Roddick — If He Used A Frying Pan? : NPR

Roddick within a week would most likely feying limiting his errors and punishing floaters. This isn’t one of my traditional types of book but after buying it for my husband, I ended up reading the entire thing in a day. Could Roddick beat an average player with a frying pan? Could you beat z tennis star, say Andy Roddick, if he had to play with a frying pan?

The author went around to various sports personalities and dreamed up competitions between himself and the sports star.

I pray to God the first one goes in, because if it doesn’t, I could easily double fault. Tracking firings, openings and candidates 7h ESPN. This book is hilarious, and it’s abdy interesting to see how these athletes fair in competition outside of their normal environment. On match point, Roddick slapped a forehand wide and the guy with the racket won.

Todd Gallagher No preview available – Accessibility links Skip to main content Keyboard shortcuts for audio rfying. And is finally being able to beat me really worth all that, Andy? Despite the title of his book, Gallagher beat Roddick. Some of the veat include an olympic swimmer doggie-paddling, sumo wrestlers as NFL linemen, and the awe-inspiring offense of midget baseball players.

As to how unfair, well, that would take some thought.