Non Diploma Stream. Section A (Non Diploma Stream) AN Fundamentals of Design and Manufacturing AN Material Science and Engineering AN Section A (Diploma): Applicable for Senior Technician Members of IEI only Corporate Members of IEI (FIE / MIE / AMIE) may also appear in Section B examination after registration in Section B . Section A Exam (Diploma Stream), , AMIE Section A & B, List Of Subjects, Syllabus, Study Notes, Video Tutorials and Books 1. Section ‘A’ Examination (Non-Diploma)-Code-2 AMIE Exams Solved Papers for Section A Diploma/ Non Diploma Stream.

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For Section B candidates, zmie status of Section A will remain unaltered. Networking among all Centres and Overseas Chapters of IEI through cutting edge technology Nurture professional experience, Domain Knowledge, Technical Skills and Expertise Latest news feed from the contemporary world of technology Connect members across various Engineering disciplines Effective interaction and collaboration Opportunities in Career development Opportunities in Business development. They would be required to pass Section A Examination afresh as per the existing scheme by paying the requisite fees along with Re-registration Application Form.

Branch And Scheme Codes Of AMIE Exams

IITs and also by central recruitment agencies, e. Major benefits for IEI Corporate members: Eligibility Criteria for sections A and B examination. In India, problems are syllabuz due to large-scale expansion of degree-level education, particularly through privately-managed institutions, the growing obsolescence of teaching, training equipment, and methodologies.

During this transition period, sullabus need to redirect to the old verssion of IEI Website. Also, they would be required to do project work and the laboratory experiments afresh. We will update this page as the site gets closer to the launch.

Six years from the Registration of Section B Examination. Candidates are advised to apply for the same so as to reach at the Headquarters office latest by April 10 and October 10, failing which they will not be eligible to appear in immediate Summer and Winter Examination, respectively. Accreditation is mandatory for quality assurance. During this process, the member shall choose the desired engineering discipline along with optional subjects.


Colleges for Laboratory Experiment. History of IEI Accreditation.

Tag: AMIE Syllabus Details

Please download the format, to be filled by the college while applying for accreditation: Multifarious Engineering sectipn Technology subjects, integrating science with engineering have created a demand for contemporary engineering and technological education throughout the country and have consequently brought in new faces for sustainable and rapid development.

For example, if six years period of a candidate expired in Winter examination, re-registration period of six years shall be counted from Summer irrespective of the month and year the candidate submits his application during the currency period of re-registration. Click Here to Download Proforma.

Candidates, who have already sylkabus Section A Examination but unsuccessful to qualify Section B Examination in six years, shall be permitted to appear afresh in Section B Examination in existing scheme retaining their Section A status, by paying the requisite fees.

Candidates are advised to apply with requisite fee for the same so as to reach at the Headquarters office latest by April 10 for Summer examination and October 10 for Winter examination, failing which they will not be eligible to appear in the respective session.

As per Clause 8. At present, India is at an irreversible point of distinguished and extensive technological advancement. Therefore, setting quality standards for the educational process has become utmost important. Subject s exemption s secured during six years, if any, shall be forfeited.

The diploma engineers for their career secgion The engineering graduates in a particular discipline, who want to obtain engineering degree qualification in some other discipline for career advancement.

Six years period shall be counted from Summer examination. Section B Candidates, who are unable to pass any subject in Section B till the expiry of five years of stipulated six years period, are eligible to apply for premature re-registration. Standardization should not mean discouragement to innovative educational methodologies or curbing of individual institutional initiatives, but setting up required benchmark by all institutions in a time-bound manner to attain desired quality swction in line with National and Global requirements.


No separate identity card will be issued after premature re-registration. Sections A and B examination consist of: The Institution has already a grave confidence in this field with professionalism. Candidates in Section A Diploma are not eligible to apply for premature re-registration.

The Institution started recognising different engineering disciplines back in with the course strram B. Candidates, who are unable to pass any subject in Section B till the expiry of five years of stipulated six years period, are eligible to apply for premature re-registration.

Candidates passed only one subject in Section A Non-diploma till the expiry of five years of stipulated diplima years period, are eligible to apply for premature re-registration. For any information related to the Institution, all concerned are requested to refer IEI website www.

For Section A strfam, subject s exemption, if any, shall be forfeited after premature re-registration. For instance, in case a candidate completed Section B Registration in Marchthe applicable term of Section B Registration shall be diploms Summer to Winter Therefore, the Institution will not be responsible for any information available on these websites.

Section A candidates are requested to apply on the prescribed format for Application for Premature Re-registration along with requisite fee mention in the application form.

These examinations are mainly opted by: Items For India and Nepal Rs. There is a continuous demand on higher engineering education to survive the fast infusion of globalization in the economy, brisk technological advances in various fields of engineering, the emergence of new technologies, and the ever-increasing knowledge and research in every field.

Only Section A Diploma. The qualification is accepted by the central academic organizations, e. The validity of the Registration is six years only. It is not out of the place to mention that in most of the countries accreditation of engineering program is being dealt by a professional body.