Every American has heard stories of Eastern European and Southern European immigration to the United States in the late nineteenth and. Listen as master storyteller Linda Tate reads Anzia Yezierska’s autobiographical essay, “America and I.” Learn more at. America and IAnzia Yezierska Author BiographyPlot Anzia Yezierska, known as the “Queen of the Ghetto” or “The Immigrant Cinderella,” became a.

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In fact, they demean her and shame her for even believing that she is entitled to her own time and her own wages. Her hope for the immigrants is that they persevere long enough to share amerlca gifts. She died of a stroke in Ontario, California, on November 21, Through self-analysis and perseverance, she is able to create a realistic definition of America and to find a place for herself within its culture.

Retrieved from ” https: Aside from the detail that the sweatshop is located in a dark basement, she does not yeziersk a composite that would help the reader see the reality of the sweatshop, such as the unsafe, unhealthy working conditions that characterized such places.

America and I | Introduction & Overview

The counselor would feed the body while stifling the soul. In an ideal situation, aspects of both cultures begin to blend, and a variant of the main culture becomes primary. Online books Resources in your library Resources in other libraries.

This employment experience, however, allows her to get a job in a regular factory. Browse all BookRags Study Guides. Views Read Edit View history. Education was seen as the key to improving these circumstances, so many adult immigrants attended English classes at night; children often attended public schools.


All day long, only with my hands I work. The narrator left Russia because she believed there was nothing for her there: Covering the period from throughthe author traces the path of the immigrants from impoverished peasants in Eastern Europe to factory, mills, and mines in America.

An Anzia Yezierska Collection.

Order our America and I Study Guide. She wrote several stories and finished a novel while serving as a fellow. At the same time, she longs for the comfort and warmth of her parents’ anr. Retrieved August 22, In turning her back on them, Yezierska is not turning yezierskka back on America at all. I love stories about European immigrants.

From toYezierska held a fellowship at the University of Wisconsinwhich allowed her to continue writing despite her poor economic circumstance. As an eager newcomer, Yezierska has grand dreams of what she will find in America; to Yezierska and the millions of immigrants like her, America stands in marked contrast to Russia.

Anzia Yezierska: “America and I”

Anzia Yezierska’s parents encouraged her brothers to pursue a higher education but believed she and her sisters had to support the men. See image credit below. Many women simply enjoyed the personal freedoms changing social roles brought them, for example, exchanging restrictive Victorian garments for looser-fitting, more casual clothing and cutting their hair.

Initially, the narrator believes these jobs allow her opportunity to pursue her own dreams and that even her defiance of their bribes is a sign of her assimilation to Ameica. Some literary critics argue that Yezierska’s strength as an author was best found in her novels.


Around Yezierska left Levitas and moved with her daughter to San Francisco. The success of Anzia Yezierska’s early short stories led to a brief, but significant, relationship between the author and Hollywood. Aroundshe engaged in a romantic relationship with philosopher John Deweya professor at Columbia University. Hundreds adn thousands then settled in New York City, where they often lived in slums and crowded, unhealthy apartments.

Introduction: The life and stories of Anzia Yezierska | Jewish Women’s Archive

This Week in A,erica. As the cities became increasingly crowded, city officials found themselves unable to keep up with demands for housing and social services.

Listen to the podcast: More summaries and resources for teaching or studying America and I. The Pilgrims came to present-day Massachusetts to find the freedom to practice their religion.

My work left only hard stones on my heart. She pursued her writing career, which took several years before she secured a publisher. Yezierska’s stories explore classic immigrant themes. This article has multiple issues.

The old woman who runs the shop demands that the women work longer hours. You could learn to be a designer. They are motivated by greed and will use whatever means to gain their profit. However, Yezierska comes to realize that she needs to rely on herself— not charitable associations, Americanized immigrants, or employers. In the beginning, she had difficulty finding a publisher for her work.