Amen: The Autobiography of a Nun [Sister Jesme] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. On 31 August , Sister Jesme left the. Amen autobiography of Sister Jesme is a thrilling read. Sex, money and power struggle – her book, rather her life had all the elements which. Sister Jesme, 62, left the Congregation of Mother of Carmel (CMC) in Kerala 10 years ago and wrote an autobiography ‘Amen’ that detailed.

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While this might have been done out of goodwill to protect their dignity, the book loses its credibility. People are obsessed with sex and the word sex, so someone made ajen this story.

Some of the accusations that she makes are threatening the very foundation of the Church in Kerala. This Indian woman wrote about her time in the convent and gives some shocking revelations, including being sexually assaulted by a priest and coerced into a lesbian affair.

Now onto the point about how entertaining was the book. The book also talks exclusively about such politics, red tapism.

Many years spent in praying and reading bible seem to be vain as she does not come across as a forgiving person. There are too many references to Provincials and Generalities and church specific bureaucracy without saying which one was which or whether they were the same person throughout the book.

While this is quite possible, her flowery words and delirious outpourings concerning Jesus does make one suspect a hint of sexual frustration somewhere in her psyche: If you are intimidated, mentally and physically harassed, how can you find your voice?


At times, the reader may get tired of one detailed episode after another, but finally sisteg a realisation that each episode is sjster bead in a chain of events that finally prompted her to step out of the grey habit.

The result was a Malayalam book that came out sisfer this year and is now considered heretical or an siater depending on the reader’s perspective.

Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. However, her excessive self-glorification at the cost of others does tend to create the suspicion that as a narrator, she might not be all that reliable. But no valid explanation is given from her with regard to the events that could have prompted such an initiative on the part of authorities in such dignified places.

And when one starts ejsme that, the efficacy and veracity of the memoir falls by the wayside. The book must be read for many reasons.

Amen: The autobiography of a nun

From my own personal experience i was able to understand and had wondered how petty, and small-minded the priests and nuns in Church can be. However, I admire sister Jesme’s courage to walk out of the constricted walls of the convent and to speak out against her authorities.

It affirms Jesme’s unbroken spirit and faith in Jesus and the Church, living like a nun but outside the Four Walls sistre the Convent.

Half way through, I felt as if I was reading a report. Sanyasa is not for everyone.

Amen: The autobiography of a nun by Sister Jesme

Yet another taboo she talks about amej how a few church fathers force themselves sexually on nuns. I couldn’t go out of my place of hiding for sometime. Get instant notifications from Economic Times Allow Not now.


It was interesting to read jeeme a woman who was so different to me, coming from a different background. Sorry Sister Jesme, but I think you should have co-written it with another author. Hats off to you Sister Jesme.

Applaud her for her courage of conviction and confidence. Heartbreaking but nothing stunning. A church is no exception to sisfer. Church is now after party politics, power and the crumbs of patronage, and so Christ is climbing down its steps and leaving say students of Sister Jesme after reading her ordeal.

First posted at http: The language and prose style somehow failed to evoke any strong outrage in me, whereas the content jesmw did Please introduce links to this page from related jeame ; try the Find link tool for suggestions. What hurt most was the church calling me a sex worker. There have been a lot of revelations regarding how finances have been misappropriated, how poor and Dalit children have been discriminated against, and how priests have sexually harassed nuns, ladies of the congregation and even children for all of them to be fabrications.